Interior Designer Andy Yates Shares Expert Insights On Podcast

June 16 00:14 2024
Acclaimed interior designer Andy Yates appeared on the Repco Light Home Improvement Show, sponsored by Benjamin Moore, to kick off a new Q&A segment. Yates answered listener questions about design inspiration, pricing models, and high gloss paint trends, providing valuable insights and practical advice. His participation underscores his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of interior design.

Grand Rapids, MI – Acclaimed interior designer Andy Yates recently appeared on the Repco Light Home Improvement Show, sponsored by Benjamin Moore, to kick off a new recurring segment dedicated to answering listener questions about interior design. The segment, inspired by Yates’ idea for a designer Q&A, aims to provide valuable insights and practical advice to homeowners and design enthusiasts.

During the episode, Yates responded to a variety of questions submitted by listeners, offering his expertise on a range of topics. One notable question from Laurel in Metro Detroit asked where Yates finds inspiration for his designs. Yates explained that his sources of inspiration are “multifaceted, including global travel, architecture, art, nature, and the work of other influential designers.” He emphasized the importance of continually educating oneself and staying updated with cutting-edge trends through shelter publications, the work of others he admires, and the expansive visual vocabulary of current design movements – past and present. 

Another question from Sue in Grand Rapids focused on how designers charge for their services. Yates provided a comprehensive overview, detailing the two primary models: flat fixed fees and hourly rates. He highlighted the significance of clear scope definitions and the inclusion of purchase management fees, which allow designers to offer clients exclusive products at competitive prices.

Heather from Grand Rapids inquired about the growing trend of using high gloss paint on various surfaces, including ceilings. Yates shared his professional perspective, noting the impact of high gloss finishes on room dynamics and the importance of impeccable surface preparation. He advised using high gloss in areas where it enhances the space, such as dining rooms and foyers, while being cautious of its application in areas requiring a calmer atmosphere.

Listeners also learned practical tips for working with high gloss finishes, including the recommendation to hire professional painters for such projects to ensure a flawless result.

In addition to addressing listener questions, Yates provided insights into the broader design process, emphasizing the importance of play, experimentation, and finding inspiration in everyday life. He encouraged homeowners to look beyond traditional sources and consider elements like fashion, jewelry, and even storefront displays for creative ideas.

Andy Yates’ appearance on the Repco Light Home Improvement Show highlights his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of interior design. His participation in the new Q&A segment promises to be a valuable resource for listeners seeking professional advice and inspiration for their own design projects.

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Andy Yates Design is a premier Michigan interior design firm known for its innovative approach to creating personalized and functional spaces. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and client collaboration, the firm delivers bespoke interiors that reflect the unique stories and lifestyles of its clients.

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