The digital port platform Sahara Support Service Limited is aiding the transformation and development of the local economy.

May 21 01:39 2024

May 20th, 2024 – Recently, the globally renowned digital port service platform, Sahara Support Service Limited (Sahara Support), announced its entry into the Moroccan market. The company plans to leverage its advanced digital port management technology and professional services to drive the modernization and rapid development of Morocco’s port economy.

Sahara Support is a globally acclaimed digital port service platform headquartered in England. It provides digital solutions to major ports worldwide, helping port operators enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable development. Since its inception, the platform has achieved significant milestones in port management and logistics, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and exceptional service capabilities.

Globally, Sahara Support has successfully served over 50 ports across more than 20 countries, accumulating extensive experience and outstanding performance. Its core services include port logistics management systems, cargo tracking systems, and intelligent scheduling systems. The platform’s excellent services have earned it numerous international awards, underscoring its leadership in the industry.

By entering the Moroccan market, Sahara Support aims to advance the local port economy in several ways. Firstly, the company will provide comprehensive digital management solutions to Morocco’s major ports, enhancing overall operational efficiency and safety. Additionally, Sahara Support will introduce its advanced environmental monitoring and management systems to help Moroccan ports achieve green operations, reduce environmental pollution, and promote sustainable development.

As a significant economy in North Africa, Morocco boasts abundant maritime resources and a strategic geographical location, serving as a crucial hub connecting Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. However, Morocco’s port infrastructure and management standards lag behind, hindering further economic growth. The entry of Sahara Support presents new development opportunities for Morocco’s port economy. Through digital management and modern operations, Moroccan ports will attract more international trade and investment, stimulate related industries, and create more job opportunities.

The technology and services provided by Sahara Support will significantly enhance the competitiveness of Moroccan ports, injecting new vitality into the Moroccan economy. In the future, as Sahara Support deepens its presence in the Moroccan market, the modernization level of Morocco’s port economy will continuously improve, making a positive contribution to both local and global economic development.

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