Bare: The First Premium Dog Food Subscription Service Launches in the Philippines

February 09 16:18 2024
Bare: The new standard in premium dog nutrition and the first dog food subscription launched in the Philippines this month.

Bringing unprecedented convenience to pet care in the Philippines, Bare Pets launches as a pioneer in the market with its premium dog food subscription service. In an industry where transparency and honesty about pet nutrition can sometimes be opaque, Bare Pets emerges with a commitment to transparency, providing premium nutrition for dogs conveniently to consumers’ doorsteps.

Built by long-time entrepreneur Jordan Glickman and Johannes Raadsma, the renowned Master Franchisor of Anytime Fitness Asia, Bare Pets strives to influence positively the pet industry in Asia. Leveraging the support of global leading pet manufacturing facilities, along with the expertise of a couple of dozen animal nutrition specialists and veterinarians, Bare Pets ensures a product offering that supports optimal pet health and vitality that is tried and tested.

Transparency is at the core of Bare Pets’ mission, addressing concerns of pet parents over the integrity of ingredients and sourcing in pet foods. By emphasizing honesty and pet welfare, Bare Pets seeks to redefine industry standards for pet nutrition.

Emboldened by a vision to distribute 100 million bowls of nutritious pet food globally, Bare Pets aspires to make well-rounded pet nutrition more achievable for pet owners. Its strategy includes leveraging e-commerce efficiencies through an online ordering system, coupled with plans for comprehensive retail distribution, to offer unparalleled access to its products.

Among the unique advantages Bare Pets offers are flexible subscription terms with no-penalty cancellation, a satisfaction guarantee, and mutually beneficial partnerships with retailers. A commitment to affiliate marketing and community support initiatives underscores the company’s socially responsible ethos, contributing back to pets and local pet-centric projects.

The subscription model at the heart of Bare Pets’ offering enables continuous delivery of superior quality food, ensuring pets enjoy a steady and healthful diet. It removes the burden of procurement from pet parents to keep an eye on when they’re running low and aligns with our modern-day convenience and lifestyle needs.

Furthermore, Bare Pets distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to quality and ingredient transparency. Pet owners should be empowered with knowledge about the food they provide to their dogs; Bare Pets seeks to instill confidence and trust through the education of customers when purchasing any current and future product offerings.

As the inaugural dog food subscription service in the Philippines, Bare Pets is at the forefront of a shift in pet care and nutrition. The brand’s dedication to honesty, convenience, and superior quality pioneers new benchmarks for pet care in Asia.

With the introduction of Bare Pets to the Philippine market, these two founders with decades of experience in business, health and wellness are setting a new standard for pet nutrition that promises to have a substantial and enduring effect both regionally and internationally.

For inquiries or more details, Bare Pets can be reached through their website

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