Dog Training by Veteran-Owned Camp Lucky Board and Train for Pets of All Ages, Breeds, and Behaviors Reopens in San Antonio, TX

September 28 17:15 2023
Camp Lucky Board and Train is a trusted dog training service; this veteran-owned dog training service has reopened its business in San Antonio, TX. The owner is an expert dog trainer who has trained military dogs. Its employees are highly motivated and experienced dog trainers who love animals.

According to announcements released by Camp Lucky Board and Train and Aaron Rustici, the business’s dog training services are again available in San Antonio, TX. Aaron is a military veteran and has trained military dogs. He and his team provide custom dog training services based on the dog’s age, size, behavior, and breed.

Camp Lucky Board and Train offers a unique two-week Board and Train Program. This program provides dog owners an unparalleled opportunity to transform their furry companions into the epitomes of obedience and good behavior. Camp Lucky Board and Train understands that dog owners often dream of having a perfect, well-behaved dog by their side. Its expert trainers have designed a two-week immersive program to take dogs through an unforgettable training experience. During this time, dogs will live with the professional trainers who provide them with top-notch guidance and instruction.

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By the end of the program, a client’s pup possesses an advanced foundation in all essential commands. Dog owners can confidently walk their pets in public, off-leash, even amidst the most challenging distractions. Dog owners no longer have to contend with jumping, barking, counter surfing, or other undesirable behaviors from their beloved pet dogs.

One of the stand-out features of the two-week Board and Train Program is the lifetime worth of refreshers included. Camp Lucky Board and Train stands behind its training and is committed to supporting clients and their furry friends. Interested pet parents can call this business, and its trainers will assist free of charge whenever a pup needs extra help.

Upon completing its comprehensive dog boarding and training program, pet owners can meet with their dog trainers. During this one-on-one session, the trainer guides pet owners in fully understanding and effectively communicating with pups through their new commands, including off-leash training. This invaluable handover session may take up to three hours.

Aaron Rustici of Camp Lucky Board and Train said, “Life can be hectic — filled with distractions that keep you from accomplishing the goals you have set for your pup. Let us help by taking all the frustration out of dog training—we will transform your dog into the obedient companion you’ve always desired. Our basic in-home dog training sends a professional trainer straight to your doorstep, and we will work with you step by step the whole way. 

At Camp Lucky, we are a group of dedicated dog trainers. We love dogs and understand them, and our hearts’ passion is dog training. 

We will train your dog and turn them into the companion you have always desired. We don’t believe dog training has to be frustrating or take up a lot of time—we have expertise gleaned over the years and will work with you to ensure your pup is well-behaved in no time. Do you have a hard time with your puppy chewing up your house, biting, potty-training, leash control, crate training, or simply wanting help being a puppy owner? 

Look no further! Our professional trainers can help your situation by providing the tools necessary to raise a pup you will be proud of. At Camp Lucky, we know the power of setting your dog up for success early in life. We will teach you to manage and control your new friend through our certified puppy training. Avoid the extra frustration and call us today to see which program is right for you.”

About the Company:

Camp Lucky Board and Train is a leading dog training service provider, offering various programs designed to transform dogs into exceptionally obedient and well-behaved companions. With a team of experienced and dedicated trainers, Camp Lucky Board and Train is committed to providing exceptional training experiences through aggression training programs, in-house classes, custom training programs, and more.

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