Nerdy South Inc Proudly Sponsors Three Animals at Brevard County Zoo

March 14 17:51 2023

Nerdy South Inc., a leading web design and SEO company in Melbourne, Florida, is proud to announce its sponsorship of three animals at the Brevard Zoo. The company has sponsored the exhibits for the Black-Handed Spider Monkey, Giant River Otter, and two-toed Sloth, helping to provide financial support for the care and upkeep of these animals.

“We are excited to be part of this amazing initiative and look forward to giving back to our community in meaningful ways,” said CEO Brandon DuBois. “Our sponsorship will help ensure that these incredible creatures get the best possible care and can continue to thrive in their home at the Brevard Zoo.”

Nerdy South Inc.’s sponsorship helps the Brevard Zoo to provide food and medical care for these animals as well as funding various enrichment activities such as toys and puzzles designed to stimulate them mentally. The company’s support may also help introduce educational programs about wildlife conservation so that visitors can learn more about how they can help protect these species in their natural habitats.

“The better we understand animals, the better chance we have of preserving them,” says Brandon. “At Nerdy South Inc., we believe that knowledge is power and our sponsorship here at Brevard Zoo allows us to share that knowledge with others and help ensure a brighter future for these incredible creatures.”

About Nerdy South Inc

Nerdy South Inc is a web development and marketing agency located in Melbourne, Florida. The business is staffed by a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in website design, creative design, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC ad management, content marketing, and more.

Founded only in 2021, the company has quickly become an important player in the local marketing industry. They also have a commitment to giving back to the community and provide many free services to nonprofit companies who need help with marketing, such as securing Google Ad Grant funding which can be used for advertising campaigns.

Nerdy South Inc has been involved in numerous nonprofit projects involving everything from foster care to job access programs. They have helped create websites for these organizations, manage advertising campaigns, and create content for their digital presence.

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