MJNK HCHR Consulting: Providing Top-Notch Administrative Services to Home Care Agencies.

March 03 19:51 2023

For many families, caring for a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why home care agencies play a vital role in providing support and assistance to those in need. However, running a home care business comes with its own set of challenges, including managing administrative tasks, recruiting and training caregivers, and ensuring that clients receive the best possible care. That’s where MJNK HCHR Consulting comes in.


Founded by a team of experienced professionals with years of expertise in the home care industry, MJNK HCHR Consulting provides remote administrative services to help home care agencies operate efficiently and effectively.

The company’s founder, Natalie Valdes, has been working in the home care industry for several years and recognized the need for a bridge between care providers and families. With the goal of providing top-notch administrative services, MJNK HCHR Consulting was born.


One of the company’s primary services is remote scheduling, which helps match caregivers’ schedules with their clients’ needs. The team at MJNK HCHR Consulting is familiar with most scheduling softwares, including SmartCare, HHAExchange and ClearCare, and is always open to learning new software options. This service ensures that clients receive timely and reliable care, while Agency Operators can focus on providing quality support.

In addition to scheduling services, MJNK HCHR Consulting provides recruitment services to help home care facilities hire new caregivers. From handbook development to induction and training, the company takes care of all the details, allowing agencies to save time and money on managerial tasks. Other essential administrative tasks provided by MJNK HCHR Consulting include After-hours ‘on-call’ services to ensure clients receive the care they need at all times and HR consulting to assist with compliance and retention.

The company’s carefully curated team of highly skilled professionals has the necessary qualifications and years of experience to help businesses grow.


With a focus on aiding both families and home care service providers, MJNK HCHR Consulting provides an array of essential administrative services that help home care agencies focus on providing the best quality of care to their clients.

In conclusion, MJNK HCHR Consulting is a reliable partner for home care facilities looking to streamline their administrative tasks and provide the best possible care to their clients. With years of experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, MJNK HCHR Consulting is the go-to choice for anyone looking to improve their home care services.

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