Flala Calls on the Public to Protect Wild Owls and Wildlife

March 03 15:03 2023

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3 every year, and the theme for 2023 is “Partnerships for wildlife conservation“, which pays tribute to those who have made contributions.

As a company that cares about social welfare and the state of wild environment protection, Flala also actively encourages its employees to raise awareness of environmental protection and endangered species in their daily lives, and the most intuitive manifestation of this is that Flala’s IP image has picked an owl as its partner.

Flala deepens the awareness of employees and users to the image of wild owl through this cute owl image that interacts with people. Flala also makes IP dolls and gives them to every employee, so that employees can get close to the owl dolls in their daily work, which can enhance the corporate image and increase their love for owls at the same time, and make employees search and pay attention to information about wild owls spontaneously, so as to raise the awareness of wild owls and wildlife protection as a whole. In the future, this owl doll will also be given as a gift to users and to children of public welfare organizations.

It is understood that, in addition to this owl named FaFa, Flala will also create different wildlife images as FaFa’s friends successively. By sharing the social stories and daily stories between FaFa and its friends, it conveys Flala’s corporate image and product functions to the public while strengthening the awareness of other wild animals and calling on the public to make efforts for wildlife conservation and sustainable use, combating illegal wildlife trade and coping with the decline of wildlife resources.


Flala also actively uses its social media platform and influence to publish or republish content related to social welfare, making its own contribution to enhance the influence of public welfare activities among the public.

It is reported that, Flala will hold an event for one of the international public welfare days this year, and will invite users and the public to participate in the event.

In the future, Flala will continue to focus on more public welfare activities, making its best efforts on the protection of wildlife, the care of socially disadvantaged groups and the preservation of genetic culture.

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