Pine State Solar Warns Of Solar System Supply Shortages

January 11 12:22 2023

When getting solar panels, it’s important to get them from a company that has the experience and expertise required to provide something truly spectacular. For a lot of people in Maine, the most obvious choice in this regard tends to be Pine State Solar.

They are a long-time provider of off-grid solar energy systems and have been involved in the design, sales, and installation of these systems.

Pine State Solar recently warned their clients about soaring electricity prices in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the globe. This resulted in unprecedented demand for solar PV energy systems. Because the demand is now exceeding the current production capability, the company suggests that it’s likely going to lead to supply shortages of solar panels, solar battery banks and other comments by the summer of 2023.

By informing their clients of this early on, it’s clear that Pine State Solar is hoping to make sure that people in Maine are able to get solar panels before the prices see a significant surge.

Pine State Solar is often regarded as the most responsible and dedicated Maine Solar Company. Much of this is because of their focus on customer service and support. They always strive to assess each case and client to get a proper understanding of their home or business. This allows them to design, deliver and install a solar energy system that’s perfect for the clients’ specific needs.

Throughout this process, the company continues to assist their clients and provides them with top-notch help. Because every single one of their solar energy systems is custom designed and unique, clients will often be able to find solutions that are perfect for them. This makes sure that every detail is based on an informed decision. This level of detail is partly why the company has managed to cement its position in Maine for such a long time.

Their recent warning of solar system supply shortages just goes to show the focus and care that the company has for their community. Their website can tell all you need to know about solar energy systems.

About Pine State Solar

Pine State Solar aims to to be a sustainable Maine business that helps residents and businesses in Maine and New Hampshire make a bold transition off of fossil fuels and shift to clean, renewable energy. They offer the full array of turnkey solar power systems, providing our clients with the ideal partnership in convenience and accountability.  Or more information:

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