SMRT16 Proposed A Unique Referral Program Inside The Smart Contract Of The Token

January 10 13:06 2023
SMRT16 has emerged as a crypto token of ERC20 standard in the polygon network, which proposed a unique four-level referral program.


SMRT16 has emerged as a crypto token of the ERC20 standard and proposed a unique referral program incorporated into the smart contract token, which ensures inconvenience-free and immediate execution of exchanges with referral payments. It helps to accomplish project marketing. If the users purchase direct SMRT16 tokens through their link, then the 1st referral program brings its users 50% of the purchase amount, 2nd level referral gives 25%, the third level provides 12.5%, and the last one, the fourth level of the referral program gives 6.25% of the purchase amount. A referral program is a kind of affiliate program on the blockchain, a method of bringing cash on the Web, in which the partners get rewards and prizes for assisting in dealing goods and services.

SMRT16 also helps to execute a decentralized idea that works exclusively on-chain without external administration contribution. The token generates its financing from token deals and gives rewards to its participants through marketing bonuses. Through rewards, the SMRT16 project aims to get people’s attention.

The token works efficiently both when the users purchase an SMRT16 token through a DApp or directly utilize the smart contract and become a project partner. After purchasing the token, the user’s wallet address turns into their referral code simultaneously. After becoming a partner of SMRT16 projects, it allows users to invite other people to purchase SMRT16 tokens.

SMRT16 project gives the opportunity to their partners through a four-level referral system in which 93.75% of the exchange value is distributed among users involved with the transaction. Instant referral payments occur automatically and are ensured by the smart contract code on the blockchain.

Its exceptional feature makes it attractive and convinces individuals to get started with SMRT token, such as:

  • Purchase MATICs and USDT – SMRT16 smart contract runs at Polygon, where the users want MATIC tokens to pay the transaction fee. It also facilitates its users with SMRT tokens in exchange for USDT as well as the users can get referral rewards.

  • Exchange USDT to SMRT16 tokens – Exchange is 1 to 1.

  • Refer Friend – The users can invite other people to purchase SMRT16 tokens. The direct purchase of SMRT16 token gives 50% of the amount, but referral’s referral brings 25%, the third 12.5%, and the fourth 6.25% of the purchase amount.


SMRT16 is an ERC-20 token running in the Polygon network; the site of the Decentralized Application of the token deals with multi-referral programs built into smart contracts. SMRT16’s project intends to show that the whole decentralized associations can exist on the blockchain that doesn’t need human management.

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