Airtek Offers Meat Dryer and Vegetable Dryer Machines in China

November 25 16:33 2022
Airtek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of food dehydration machines for commercial and industrial applications in China.

Airtek is a well-known manufacturer and sells commercial and industrial food dehydrators. Their top-notch food dehydrators will take care of your food dehydration problems. The company intends to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service and top-of-the-line industrial food dryers. The most recent Airtek food dehydration equipment has just been unveiled, and it is meant for both industrial and commercial uses. The company’s new dehydrators are designed to provide “great performance” while requiring minimal maintenance.

In response to a query regarding their commercial leaf dryers, Airtek’s spokesperson said. “Since it uses clean hot air as a drying medium, the continuous mesh belt leaf drying machine is appropriate for drying herbaceous plants. You can process spices and herbs like curry leaf, bay leaf, spicy wood leaf, herbal basil leaf, fenugreek leaf, neem leaf, mint leaf, and others. The characteristics, quality, and color of the raw materials can all be preserved by adjusting the operating temperature. This is a speedy, large-scale approach to drying leaves.”

The Airtek commercial herb dryer machine is powerful enough to quickly dry large quantities of food and, at the same time, efficient enough to save money by reducing electricity requirements. As a high-quality commercial food dehydrator, this appliance is perfect for restaurants, cafés, and other food service facilities that need to dry out large quantities of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

The spokesperson further added. “Inside the drying chamber, there are partition sheets and fan motors that employ the forced ventilation feature to ensure a hot air cycle, allowing the raw materials to be dried uniformly. The substance does not craze, deform, discolor, never deteriorate, oxidize, dry entirely, rehydrate well, or lose its nutritive content.”

Airtek has been one of the manufacturers specializing in producing food dryers, heat pump devices, dehydrating equipment, and other scientific electrical products in China for the past few decades. It has over 20 years of production experience and continuously improves machine quality. Airtek food drying equipment, such as the vegetable dryer machine and heat pump devices, are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 standards to ensure product quality standards for customers.

About Airtek

Airtek is the leading producer and supplier of food drying equipment in China. Its main products are food dehydrators and heat pump dryers. Airtek has a team of qualified engineers and constantly strives to innovate and improve equipment quality and efficiency. For the past two decades, Airtek has been successfully launching a series of products, including multifunctional air cooler exhausters, dehumidifiers, refrigerant reclaiming units, vacuum pumping units, etc., and has won high praise from customers. With advanced technology and equipment, a strong R&D team, and rich experience in manufacturing and sales, Airtek has become the most competitive manufacturer of drying machines in the domestic and overseas markets. Businesses looking to purchase a meat dryer for their cafe or restaurant should consider Airtek as their top choice.

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