Wendy Jones to Launch her New Book: JUST START

November 23 20:30 2022
JUST START is rich in insights that inspire readers to take control of their lives.

For many, taking the first steps toward a potentially life-changing decision is both scary and difficult. But author and entrepreneur Wendy Jones proves that those first steps may just be what one needs to do what’s impossible and make transformational changes to their lives. In her book JUST START, Wendy shares her deep insights about life and success, inspiring readers to take action and advance towards their goals.

“Just start by doing what’s necessary. Then, do what’s possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible,” says Wendy.

As someone who has experienced her fair share of challenges to get where she’s at, Wendy isn’t unfamiliar with the struggle of trying and failing to succeed. But never a quitter, she continued to move forward, even when the future was uncertain.

In each chapter, Wendy gives readers a glimpse of her personal experiences and practices that helped improve her life. She aims to encourage her readers to draw insights from her experiences and use that as fuel to start and keep moving forward.

Wendy also aims to teach her readers to recognize the changes in their life journeys and celebrate their wins, no matter how small.

JUST START is set to launch soon.

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