TS4U IT Engineering BootCamp Offers Free Tuition Fees for Michigan Residents

November 23 18:54 2022
TS4U IT Engineering Bootcamp has some super exciting news that will bring thousands of people’s dreams to come true through their IT Bootcamp. So what are we up to?

Warren, Michigan, USA – November 23, 2022 – First of all, Shiblu Ahmad, Founder of TS4U IT Engineering BootCamp, has over 23 years of IT experience; he has held many excellent problem-solving projects. He quit his job in December 2019 and started his adventure to guide people into IT. The USA has enormous demands and millions of openings, but Shiblu Ahmad has seen the gaps in the education and radiation training systems. So, he and his team have developed an IT Transformation platform that is “aligned with the day-to-day job in the software development team. Also created the practical work environment while students are uniquely learning to engineer.”

No Job No Pay! Pay after You’re Hired!

Come to the result? TS4U IT Engineering BootCamp has placed 100 people into IT within the last two years who had no background or some IT background. For people who used to make $14 to $18, after completing the BootCamp, students make between $45 to $95 hourly.

What does the TS4U IT Engineering Bootcamp provide? They have been providing comprehensive IT BootCamp courses. These are very high-demandable, high-salary, sustainable careers and excellent paths to climb the ladders. Some of their courses are: AWS DevOps Engineer, AWS CloudOps Engineer, Software Quality Automation Engineering with Java and Selenium web driver, Software Test Automation Engineer with NodeJs and Cypress, Java Software Engineering, Python Software Engineer, Agile Product Owner, Vehicle Validation Engineer, Full-Stack Software Engineering (MERN), Front End Web Development (JavaScript-NodeJS), etc.

Growth? TS4U IT Engineering Bootcamp has been growing from the day it started the journey; technology development, team development, unique program development, student engagement, assistance with job preparation, job interviews, market resume, and changing people’s careers have been the tremendous growth which has brought the result of 100 people landing on high-demand IT jobs within the past two years when people had nowhere to go during the pandemic.

Job success rate? Over 85 to 90% of their members get jobs with their extensive care, support, interview assistance, and negotiation after receiving a job offer.


Their success helped them to look for partnership opportunities. So they have made partnerships with Stride Funding (Income Share Agreement) and Climb Credit for Affordable student loans. So Anyone with a Green card and USA citizenship can apply for an easy loan as part of the Climb Credit partnership and pay after being hired as part of the Income Share agreement partnership. With these partnership opportunities, many newcomers, students, and lower-income earners can look for a career change into IT by taking their Bootcamp to become successful.


They successfully obtained a Michigan state Online Distance learning IT Engineering Bootcamp license with recognition from a Credential finder. They have gone through extensive processes and procedures with the state compliance and are authorized to pass their qualification process. It is an amazingly great recognition.


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