Emily Murphy Reveals That Dieting Is The Fastest Way To A Slow Metabolism After 40

November 22 12:04 2022
Emily Murphy says dieting is not the key to weight loss as it can slow down metabolism in women over 40.

Emily Murphy, the eminent weight loss and life coach, says dieting is not the key to weight loss for women over 40. According to the reputed Health Coach, restricting calories creates nutrition deficiencies, low energy, and a slower metabolism, causing stress on the body.

“So, if you think you are doing everything right, eating healthy, exercising, and still not losing weight, it’s time to put that belief to the test,” says Emily Murphy. “It’s time to realize maybe what you think is right is not what is right for your body. This isn’t just about a diet but about changing the entire way you think about food, your habits, and how metabolism works in your favor when you get it right.”

Emily is of the view that, contrary to popular opinion, dieting is not the key to weight loss for women over 40. She believes that it is the key reason why most people that go on diets fail.

The best way to achieve success is to support hormone function and blood sugar with a high protein, high fiber, anti-inflammatory diet. Women must create habits that keep their bodies in balance. This includes drinking water in adequate quantity, getting enough exposure to the sun, daily walking, ensuring body movement, and getting proper sleep.

A single activity or a single diet will not help women achieve their goals. It must be a compilation of good nutrition and the proper habits that yield lasting results.

The perfect diet will not deliver results in isolation, says the weight loss expert. Without good nutrition, it doesn’t matter how much women exercise or sleep, the results are unlikely to show up.

To achieve the desired results, they must inculcate habits like good sleep, walking, enough water, and effective stress management. They are symbiotic. Women must never be obsessed with their health or weight to achieve results. The goal should be to find the maximum amount of food they can eat and the minimum prescription of exercise and habits that keep them in balance.

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