Five Best and Efective Dog Training Leash Tips to Help Deter Pup from Pulling.

November 22 16:24 2022

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Here are 5 effective training tips to help deter your pup from pulling

For dogs that are untrained to walk properly on a leash, it is a common bad habit for them to try and break free or rush away from you when the new leash is first introduced.  During new leash training in the outside world your dog can encounter many new dangers and may have the urge to chase after moving vehicles, animals, or even people.  Instead of consistently having to yank back on the leash with force during your walks, try some of the techniques below during your training to help your dog learn to walk properly.

  1. Build up a positive mindset.

When putting a leash on your dog for the first time, it is best to allow him to play inside or in your fenced yard before going out into the world beyond.  Allow sufficient time for your pup to become accustomed to the new leash to reinforce that the leash is a normal part of an enjoyable walking experience.  Soon you will notice that your dog understands that having the leash attached means that he gets to venture out and explore the world beyond his home or yard.

  1. Find a safe and quiet environment.

Once your dog is accustomed to having its leash attached, it is best to practice first in a safe and quiet environment away from many distractions.  Avoid having your pup distracted by other people, dogs, or animals during your initial training sessions so that you can better have his full attention.

  1. Don’t reinforce your dog’s bad behaviors.

Recall is a critical skill for your dog to learn in order to be able to have enjoyable walks together.  Start by first letting your dog have some distance from you on the leash, – then recall him to be back by your side on command.  Rewards of a special treat when he does this properly can be a good way to help him understand when he is acting correctly.  It will take some time to learn this skill, but it is important for your dog to mind you properly and have good and consistent recall skills when out on your walks together.

  1. Try new tools to help with training

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Choosing the proper training tools can help you to increase your ability to better control you dog, and having the proper tools can help make your walks more enjoyable.  The AutoBrake retractable dog leash can be a very suitable option for helping to deter leash pulling behavior.  The AutoBrake leash is also recommended by several professional dog trainers for better leash behavior training.  Amazingly the AutoBrake leash has been found to be a practical innovation to the traditional, and sometimes controversial, retractable dog leash.  The AutoBrake leash can respond as sensitively as a cars seat bels, and help to control the dogs pulling behavior over time.

  1. Be patient with your dog during the training process.

Having patience is the key during the training process.  Proper leash training is a challenge and will take some time.  Occasionally, your pup will forget about his training and may start rushing towards something he is interested in, like people or other animals.  Please give your dog a little patience and don’t try and pull too hard on the leash or yell at him if it’s not critical.  Once your dog has returned his attention to you, you can bring out the AutoBrake leash to help him recall his training.

Even if you are very focused on your dog during walks, sometimes you don’t notice the dogs every move or intent.  For instance, receiving a sudden phone call during your walks can distract you even momentarily, and can give the opportunity for a leash pulling accident.  In these unpredictable moments you can rely on the AutoBrake leash to react on your behalf in a timely and safe manner.

  • There is no need to pull hard.  The AutoBrake leash automatically locks when suddenly pulled, to limit your dogs maximum walking speed and allow you to regain control.

  • The AutoBrake leash is even easy for people with weak hand or arm strength, and the shock absorbing feature of the leash can help to reduce the pulling force by about 70%.

  • The AutoBrake leash lets the dog have the freedom of movement and at the same time help the dog to develop good walking habits.

  • The AutoBrake leash is a great tool for recall training for fast moving and energetic dogs.

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If your dog is frightened or suddenly bursts away from you, the AutoBrake leash will automatically trigger the patented locking system to temporarily stop the leash reeling out, – just like a cars seat belt.  If the dog does not stop pulling, then the AutoBrake leash automatically engages the shock absorbing ABS feature, to slow the dogs speed and let you regain control.  The pulling force is reduced by around 70% and can help to prevent your dog’s neck, (or your arm), from being injured.

The AutoBrake retractable dog leash has helped about 80% of dogs to correct their bad leash pulling behavior; and can allow the dog owner to have a much more enjoyable walk.  Soon, even the simple exercise such as a walking your dog can give you much ease and enjoyment and allow your pup to better explore the world more safely.


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