The Black Series HQ19 Makes Life Outdoors a Happy Vacation

September 20 17:30 2022

Fans of outdoor life always want to admire the gorgeous landscape with comfortable shelter from the cold, rain and wind. For them, camping with a travel trailer is a great option.


But how do we choose the right trailer from so many options? The Black SeriesHQ19 is surely your best choice. The exterior design of the HQ19 is very outstanding. Its impressive appearance includes silver and black high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum plates, red bumpers and red strips. It also has a great off-road performance. With its high ground clearance, independent suspension system, and full-size off-road tires, it easily manages complex road conditions such as rugged mountain roads and muddy river beaches. Go and drive it to explore nature, and feel the changes of the four seasons.


Its interior is equipped with many amenities. The super-sized double bed is soft and comfortable, and the booth can easily be turned into a single bed, making it effortless to travel with a kid. The HQ19 trailer is like a mobile home well-equipped with a washing machine, refrigerator, TV, and inverter air conditioner. So many amenities make camping no longer dull.


There’s no better reward than a hot shower after a long day of hiking. The HQ19 is equipped with an instant water heater. Its super large water tank supplies the whole family with plenty of hot water. The toilet and the bathroom are separated for convenience and hygiene. After a shower, your wife gets to cook on the outdoor stove of the trailer. You and your wife enjoy the sizzling steak with mellow wine, admiring the shining stars and the mountains in the distance and listening to the wind rustling through the leaves. Your eyes are full of love for your wife, just like back in your honeymoon trip.

All these wonderful experiences are possible thanks to the Black Series HQ19, your reliable and important partner. It makes the whole camping trip as comfortable as a vacation and allows us to explore a wider range of views in more places.

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