Steve Karam, one of the best nail artists in Lebanon

August 12 16:26 2022
Steve Karam, one of the best nail artists in Lebanon
Steve Karam, one of the best nail artists in Lebanon
Want to have the best and the trendiest nail designs? Want to have a special daily look or even to be unique in your event? Looking for the best nail artists out there? Look no further than Steve Karam, one of the best nail artists who are based in Lebanon.

As nail art trends become increasingly popular, nail art appointments are in higher demand than ever. No outfit is complete without a full set of nails, whether it’s a casual, clean look for everyday or a special event. As a result of the hype, nail artists worldwide are on the rise and showing people how to express themselves through vibrant and playful manicures. The nail designs modern artists can create is mind-blowing, and with the joys of social medial, so many looks are recreatable.

There are some nail artists that have been garnering clout and a fan base for years, while others, who are up-and-coming talent, should absolutely be on your radar. Their accounts are filled with healthy nail care tips, intricate nail designs, negative space trends, all things French manicure, and muted minimalist tones for every kind of mood. 

Whether you’re doing a DIY manicure or booking an appointment at a salon, sometimes it’s hard to come up with a new design that feels like an authentic representation of your personality or creativity. When this happens, we head to Instagram for the ultimate nail inspo. Lately, our feed is full of nail artists serving everything from textured looks to cloud-inspired acrylics.

“Maybe life is not perfect, but your nails can be. Don’t ever think that you can never have your design that you dream about. No design is impossible for a nail “artist”. It is an art, and it’s all about passion not by the number of certificates.” Karam Steve.

Karam Steve is one of the best and most influential nail artists who are based in Lebanon. He started doing his thing 10 years ago out of his passion and love to this art. From gel extension, to nail designs, Karam has made a name for himself in such a world full of designs and never ending new looks. With his mouth-watering work and eye-catching designs, Karam was able to grow his work and gain his clients’ trust. In his turn, he was able to gain almost more than 160K followers on his Instagram account “stevekaramartist”.

In brief, Steve Karam is a must to follow nail artist who is really driving the market forward.

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