VB Solution Launches First Audio and Video Interactive Book Publication Platform

June 18 13:56 2021
VB Solution Launches First Audio and Video Interactive Book Publication Platform

VB Solution has recently launched its virtual book publication and branding platform. The platform makes its mark as the first ever audio and video interactive book publication. VB Solution is ideal for authors who would like to self-publish or get their books virtually published which also comes with audio, video and images. This gives a book a completeness that has never been seen before. With this new book technology, authors can make a lot more money because businesses can also advertise their commercials, logos, ads and more inside the e-book. Consumers are able to view some pages for free and will have to pay to view the rest of the book which will also generate revenue for authors.

With a new publication technology as extensive as this, the need for conventional publication has gone down by miles. Authors will no longer need to wait for a publishing company to tell them if they are worthy to be published or not. The fact that this puts a lot more money in authors’ pockets apart from what they make from downloads sets this VB Solution as an industry lead. VB Solution is all about monetizing virtual publication for authors while making it super easy for authors to get published. Businesses that choose to advertise inside these books will have a wider reach especially when said books become best-sellers.

The goal of VB Solution is to provide award-winning and industry-changing technologies while delivering flexible, easy-to-use, collaborative solutions that address the most pressing publication process challenges. The audio-visual virtual book platform has ensured that this technology is compatible with all computer media including, desktops, tablets and mobiles. Alongside this new innovation, what makes VB Solution really stand apart from the others, is their dedication and passion. The company values innovation, creativity and customer service and are proud of their commitment to provide unparalleled support every day. 

Watch a YouTube commercial of VB Solution’s audio and video interactive book publication platform: https://youtu.be/GZE4dBoq2uU

For more information, please visit https://www.bizc.site/AAWYI/mobile/index.html.

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