Charlie Anderson, founder of Selling Skills Institute is redefining sales training with his future-ready Human Dynamic Selling Methodology

May 03 15:54 2021

Selling Skills Institute is a future-ready sales training and coaching business that delivers a comprehensive set of proprietary sales tools and processes to address client’s unique goals and challenges and empower individuals and teams to reach their full selling potential.

Companies really need sales transformation, and while conventional sales training and coaching can be part of that transformation, on its own, it usually underperforms. On their own, traditional sales training and coaching are nice to have, but they often don’t change much and waste time and money.

At the Selling Skills INSTITUTE, the company’s transformative (able to produce big change) sales training and coaching programs provide individuals, sales leaders, sales teams, and entrepreneurs with a proven roadmap to develop the right thoughts, behaviors, skills, processes, and tactics to transform their sales potential into explosive revenue growth.

The company employs a new sales model for today’s B2B sales reps with its Human Dynamic Selling Methodology,  a proprietary (H2H) human-to-human sales approach that’s designed to enable businesses, individuals and sales teams to differentiate themselves in today’s virtual “sea of sameness.” 

Human Dynamic Selling humanizes the buying and selling experience by hyper-focusing on people rather than on the products and services being sold. The key difference between conventional selling and Human Dynamic Selling is that conventional selling is “product” focused and Human Dynamic Selling is “people” focused—real people with real lives and real challenges.

Charlie Anderson is the owner of Selling Skills Institute. For the past 25 years, Charlie has trained and coached thousands of sales professionals from industries including commercial insurance, financial services, commercial printing, publishing, digital media, insurance outsourcing services, TV broadcast, banking, marketing, legal services, and advertising fields. Charlie is proud of the relationships he forms with his clients and is committed to their long-term success.

Charlie is also an accomplished writer, author and a dynamic public sales speaker. Charlie Anderson has deposited his wealth of knowledge and experience in best-selling business sales and business books he’s authored, including: 

  • Shift Thinking.
  • Human Dynamic Selling.
  • The Sales Playbook.
  • The Secret to Sales Greatness.
  • The Secret to Winning. 

Clients who have worked with Charlie Anderson have been awed by the efficacy of his techniques. According to K. Patrick Armstrong, Vice President, Business Development, Resource Pro: “Human Dynamics Selling is a unique approach to selling and self-managing that all sales professionals can master. It is a process that expands the seller’s thinking and empowers them to differentiate themselves not only by what they sell but by how they sell. Today, as a result of Human Dynamic Selling, our executives are closing bigger deals and creating a legacy of trusted relationships.”

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