Paintless Dent Repair San Antonio, Texas and Surrounding Areas by Dent Dawg for All Vehicles

April 16 17:12 2021
Dent Dawg is among the top paintless dent repair companies in San Antonio, Texas. It follows a 4-step easy process to fix dents on any vehicle. This is a customer-friendly business with flexible rates and vehicle drop-offs.

According to Dent Dawg and Chris Coker’s announcements, this business is the top paintless dent repair San Antonio, Texas provider. Dent Dawg has been in the dent repair business for more than 20 years and has evolved with the technology trends over the years. Its services are available all over San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Its paintless dent repair (PDR) service is based on a tried and tested 4-step process that begins with a quick lookover to assess the damage and give the customer a quick turnaround quote. The second step involves giving a delivery time. The vehicle is then repaired and finally delivered to the owner.

Dent Dawg uses the right tools for the job and employs specific techniques to repair dents without using paint or other chemicals. The dent is skillfully removed, and the metal restored to its original shape while maintaining the factory finish.

The PDR technique used by Dent Dawg preserves the value of the vehicle; this is not always possible with body shop methods. Even with an excellent job with a body shop, the sanding and grinding take away from the vehicle’s value. If the damage can be repaired via the paintless dent repair technique, then even body shops prefer to hire a good PDR service provider such as Dent Dawg for the job. It makes more sense to approach this business directly instead.

Dent Dawg offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that once it has repaired a dent to satisfaction, the dent will never return.

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Chris Coker of Dent Dawg said, “Paintless dent repair is used when dings, dents, scrapes, and bumps need to be fixed without repainting a vehicle.

PDR is a panel beating method that requires skills and specific tools to do correctly. Its prevalence is increasing, with mobile operators and pop-up repairers becoming more prevalent in most metropolitan areas. 

This work is done chiefly on bumpers, bonnets, doors, fenders, roof turrets, and boot lids. It works on metallic parts of a vehicle where paint has not been compromised. Nevertheless, the person performing the procedure should be skilled, experienced, and equipped with the right tools without cracking the paint seal.”

On when PDR is not the best solution, Coker said, “When the paint is missing, the chances are that the damages are too severe to be fixed. Also, most collision damage is too excessive to be repaired. When a damaged area is missing paint and in need of body shop repairs, but one cannot be afforded, or possibly your deductible is too high, there are cases in which the damage can be improved drastically, just not to 100%. Typically, this would be called “push to paint,” except that the PDR process doesn’t use paint. At Dent Dawg, we call this “push to improve.” Because we do work with body shops, we can recommend several. It is possible that you will be so pleased with the “push to improve” results that you won’t even need to seek out a body shop. “Push to improve” is evaluated and priced on a case by case basis.”

About the Company:

For two decades, Dent Dawg has been the first choice for dent repairs in San Antonio, Texas. It specializes in paintless dent repair that is a quick and affordable alternative for minor dents and dings. Its excellent quality is backed by sterling customer care for both retail and business clients.

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