CrediExpress Offers Working Capital Investments to Nigeria’s Microentrepreneurs

June 22 06:57 2019

Managua, Nigeria – Financial services institution CrediExpress has begun offering working capital investments to small business owners and microentrepreneurs throughout Nigeria, in an effort to boost the country’s burgeoning economy. The investments provided help to improve the quality of life for the business owners and their families which in turn feeds money back into the economy.

CrediExpress ( provides its services to business owners through the use of new and innovative financial technology. With the investment given to the entrepreneurs, CrediExpress provide their clients with the chance to buy assets and business tools to aid their own customers. The investment can also be used to hire more employees which further aids company growth and offers new work opportunities in their local area.

Not only do they use technology to aid companies, but CrediExpress also provide personalized solutions to a business’s individual problems. The staff are highly trained to handle any type of situation clients may encounter. They are willing to come directly to clients’ place of work in order to help tackle trouble right at the source. CrediExpress pride themselves on their creative solutions to their clients’ issues. With the use of innovative financial technology and many different channels of communication with customers, their customer service is a source of company pride.

As well as ensuring workplaces are functioning as they should be with great financial support, CrediExpress provide services which can help improve a client’s home life too. One of the products they offer is aimed at entrepreneurs who have big aspirations but are struggling in their every day to improve their quality of life. They will also provide financing for personal home improvement so that a business owner can feel confident at home and at work. The desired result of this is higher productivity and better organization within the client’s company.

A goal for CrediExpress is to promote the growth of an individual’s business through the use of clever and creative methods. They are supportive and passionate about what they do, facilitating a company’s want to improve and wanting to see entrepreneurs thrive and businesses grow.

CrediExpress make it easy learn more and get working capital investments quickly as they have several branches throughout Nigeria. They can be reached by WhatsApp and Facebook or directly through their website.

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