Nobol Inc. Launches The PhysioPedal to Empower the Elderly Community

August 01 21:06 2022
The PhysioPedal is The World’s First Cordless Self-Powered Assisted Cycling Therapy Device

Nobol Inc., a Southern California-based manufacturer of innovative home-based medical and health products, has launched the PhysioPedal. It is the world’s first cordless self-pedaling cycling machine.

The PhysioPedal was designed to help improve the health of the elderly and individuals who are sedentary, injured, or are doing post-surgery rehabilitation by pedaling for the user. The user steps in, and the machine will get them moving.

The machine supports Assisted Cycle Therapy (ACT), a form of exercise intervention that improves physical and cognitive functions. The PhysioPedal helps the elderly and those with limited voluntary movement improve their health outcomes and overall wellness.

About the PhysioPedal

The PhysioPedal is cordless, lightweight, and portable. It weighs less than 20 pounds, so users can use it indoors or outside and take it with them when they travel.

Users can sit on their couch and do other activities such as crocheting, reading their favorite books, or watching TV while getting their exercise.

To ensure comfortable cycling experiences for everyone, The PhysioPedal comes with a built-in safety function and oversized pedals. Other notable features include a cordless remote control, forward and reverse operation, time and distance tracking, and a Mobile App that will allow users to compete with friends and others. For the elderly community and people with low mobility, PhysioPedal’s launch is a significant step in their path to recovery and freedom.

Users across the country only have positive words to say about it. Many are happy about how comfortable it is and how the device makes it much easier to stay active.

To quote a user, “This device is fantastic! It’s so easy to use, comfortable, and fun! And I don’t have to stop doing my work to use it.”

How the PhysioPedal works

The PhysioPedal is an assistive cycling machine used for rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes. It has been clinically proven to improve the condition of patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, spinal cord injury, or other injuries where limited mobility prevents them from exercising on traditional equipment.

The PhysioPedal uses a cordless, battery-powered Pedaler that provides low-impact exercise for users. Individuals who have difficulty moving around due to physical limitations can exercise at home or anywhere they may need it.

The benefits of using the PhysioPedal

The PhysioPedal is backed by several clinical and scientific studies highlighting ACT’s role in strengthening the upper and lower body and improving cardiovascular health, tremors, reaction time, and more. Through the device, the elderly can easily engage in physical activities and exert themselves longer in ways they wouldn’t have usually been able to. This can lead to fitness, improved blood flow, mobility, and healthy lifestyle changes. Continued use of the PhysioPedal can inspire users to take charge of their health, helping them achieve their health goals.

What makes the PhysioPedal great, aside from its potential health benefits, is its robust, intuitive features. It has a self-powered function, which allows those who are physically disabled to start passive cycling. All they need to do is step into the device, and the battery-powered pedals will handle the rest.

Where to get your first PhysioPedal?

The PhysioPedal is available for purchase on the product website, and it can be shipped worldwide. Shipping is free for all orders across the US.

Learn more about PhysioPedal and Nobol here:

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