Deutsche Biofonds: Investment Fund Rattles Financial World With Re-Positioning

May 27 17:34 2022
Deutsche Biofonds is reimagining its corporate structure to create a stable basis for its planned IPO

Deutsche Biofonds, is on course to rattle the financial world as it reimagines its corporate structure ahead of its planned IPO.

Amongst other things, Deutsche Biofonds recently revealed that its investment fund has now been certified as a Sharia-compliant investment fund, allowing it to meet the unique demands of Arab investors who are bound by Islamic law.

In recent times, the demand for financial products that meet the requirements of Islamic law – including the ban on speculation and the ban on interest – is increasing worldwide.

As more wealthy investors from Arab countries look to diversify their portfolios by funding modern sustainable ventures, businesses and investment funds alike are learning to adjust their practices and organisational structures to better serve the growing interest.

Although Deutsche Biofonds is mainly recognised as an investment fund, the firm is also known as a tech company with its own sophisticated e-fuel hybrid technologies. While classic hydroelectric power plants only generate energy for an average of 3,000 operating hours per year, Deutsche Biofonds’ hydroelectric power plants generate continuous electricity for up to 8,000 hours per year.

Deutsche Biofonds is building more hybrid hydroelectric power plants with its e-fuel technology. The company recently completed the construction of a 25 km long canal and a 500 MW substation and is poised to take on more similar projects in the coming months.

As the world continues to lean towards clean energy, it is expected that power plants in the future will leave fossil fuels for more sustainable means of continuous power generation.

Hydroelectric power plants impress with their performance as well as with their extraordinary environmental friendly compatibility. With its many patents and an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Deutsche Biofonds is strategically placed to become a leader in the world energy market.

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