2nd Annual National Patient Rights Week is May 13-19, 2022

May 13 20:03 2022
Championships R Us is the Official Sponsor of National Patient Rights Week!

Undeniably, every single American, at one time or another, will be treated by a medical professional. Whether it’s during childbirth, death or the major/minor illnesses that happen in between; medical care is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, medical error is the 4th leading cause of death. Prior to COVID, medical error was the 3rd leading cause of death. Americans have had serious issues with their medical care way before COVID existed. Yearly, over 12 million adults receive some sort of misdiagnosis. These costly mistakes contribute to about 10% of unnecessary patient deaths.

Polling shows that most Americans don’t even know that they have patient rights. Most people have heard of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act). These same citizens are surprised to know that their patient rights extend far beyond HiPAA. These rights are guaranteed to all as they are written into law. National Patient Rights Week was founded in 2021 by America’s #1 Patient Advocate Coach & author of The Dumb Patient & The Dumb Patient Meets COVID, Taajah M. Phenezy. National Patient Rights Week is strategically celebrated May 13-19. It falls behind National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week.

National Patient Rights Week

National Patient Rights Week is sponsored by Championships R Us. Championships R Us is America’s largest collection of official National Championships. They’ve pledged a minimum of 20% of their net profits to medicalc children and veteran charities. Championship R Us is also owned by business woman, Taajah M. Phenezy (bka GODDESS). www.ChampionshipsRUs.com 

2nd Annual National Patient Rights Week

The purpose of National Patient Rights Week is to educate Americans so we can save lives. Studies have routinely shown that when a patient is knowledgeable and informed in making decisions with their medical care, the results are better for hospitals, physicians, nurses and patients. Everyone wins! 

To volunteer or to become a Patient Advocate Coach, call GODDESS @ 844-ToBeChampion ext 701. www.NationalPatientRightsWeek.com

Each day of National Patient RightsWeek will focus on a specific patient right:

May 13: The right to informed consent

May 14: The right to make a treatment choice

May 15: The right to refuse treatment

May 16: The right to be treated with respect

May 17: The right to obtain your medical records

May 18: The right to privacy of medical records

May 19: The right to make decisions about end of life care

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