Relax, LLC and Amrit Sabha Partner to Address Mental Health and Wellness for Adult Daycare Employees and Senior citizens

January 21 17:34 2022
Solving for employee mental health and wellness has never been more important for employers to attract and retain talent

Relax, LLC is proud to announce they have signed an agreement with Amrit Sabha, an adult daycare service that will offer the Relaxx app to all their employees and senior citizen members. 

Amrit Sabha and related adult daycares have been serving the Massachusetts community for the last 6 years. With over 7000 clients served, Amrit has been recognized as a leader in providing wellness care to its seniors. Amrit has a rich history of working with ethnic communities that felt marginalized prior to attendance. Amrit and its affiliates speak over 18 different languages and focus on culturally relevant/sensitive services including but not limited to meals, therapeutic/wellness activities, social work, preventative care, and transportation.

“Relax Offers senior citizens a significant opportunity to improve the quality of their lives,” said Mr. Hemal Rathod, Founder of Amrit Sabha“We look forward to offering a leading-edge wellness solution to our clients.”

Mr. Vibhuti Jha, co-founder of Relaxx app said the application of Relaxx is universal and cuts across all segments of the communities we live in –  young or old, gender, color, race, or religions for that matter as it focuses on improving one’s mind, body and the flame within each of us to reach our full potential.

“I am excited about this partnership with the adult day care center, especially because of the possibility that senior citizens can find new meaning in their lives through the App,”  Said Dr. Bhatta  “Being a physician, research and data supporting the potential benefits are extremely important to me.  Relaxx wishes to become the world’s wellness destination and this partnership is one step closer to that goal.”

About Relaxx, LLC:

Relaxx is a wellness and meditation solution app created by Dr. Krishna Bhatta that guides people through the practice of mindfulness, intermittent silence™, and meditation. The Relaxx App encourages people to practice daily, preferably at the same time and in the same location. The goal is to train the brain to enter a peaceful state, so times of chaos become more manageable. In silence.

Intermittent silence™ is a term Dr. Bhatta uses to represent taking a break from life. He compares the experience to resting your body by sitting down and lowering your heart rate. This type of concept is crucial for the brain.

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