Breaking all Stereotypes and Cultural Norms, This New Song Showcases Unity from America, Canada, India and Pakistan.

January 11 22:54 2022
United we stand, divided we fall. Newly released Hip-Hop single features Ali Kulture, Pakistani-American and Big Boi Deep, Indian-American ft. Mega-icon Juicy J.

Fairfax, Virginia – A whole is different from its parts. The newly released Hip-Hop single,  featuring Mega-icon, Juicy J brings multiple cultures under one umbrella. The song defines the importance of the state of wholeness or totality that is undivided or unbroken, with nothing lacking. The song reflects the integration of all components, elements, and persons into a functional whole.

The song despite its grooving melody gives an emotional rush and goosebumps to the listener. It’s exciting to see a turban, which represents Sikh heritage worn by one artist and a Kufi, which reflects Islamic roots worn by another. It shows a great friendship bond shared between Muslim-Sikh. A great result of independence that may not be as easy to achieve in any of the artist’s home countries, or at the very least, may not be as believable to achieve. The song itself is about freedom, including freedom of expression and freedom of religion, and it has an unmistakable broad appeal. Diversity, acceptance and inclusiveness is what the song is all about. 

The song is a brilliant fusion of religious and cultural roots that exemplifies the power of song. If anything, seeing great influencers band together under the flag of unity is motivating. It’s a great example of putting aside minor differences for the sake of a larger goal and unifying message. It makes you wonder why international leaders don’t act in the same way to build bigger stages. The song features Ali Kulture, Pakistani-American and Big Boi Deep, Indian-American. The song is produced by Byg Bryd who is an Indian-Canadian. A collaboration between neighbors of sorts defying stigmas and breaking cultural norms. 

The producers of this song have send out a strong message of unity. The producer of the song shared: “Humanity’s greatest power is its unity. Some of the greatest leaders and people who have influenced the globe in some way have expressed this precise attitude. Take a look at some of the wonderful words that support this assertion.” 

The song has been well received by the audience and is moving closer to be declared a hit. It will be interesting to see what follows this unique and out of the box concept.

Available on all music platforms. 

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