Inspiring Songwriter Making Her Dreams Come True: This is Dianne Forte

November 26 04:30 2021
Inspiring Songwriter Making Her Dreams Come True: This is Dianne Forte
Starting off with poems and then evolving into a songwriter of several genres, emerging artist Dianne Forte is well on her way to make it big and inspire others along the way

Up-and-coming artist Dianne Forte is an extremely talented songwriter, in the genre of Alternative and Gospel music. With creative writing experience of years and having family members with a history in music, the artist is well-equipped when it comes to playing around with various beats and coming up with unique tunes. Dianne Forte has released a brand new single titled “God is Love(And So Amazing)” on July 30th, 2021.

With the release of the song, the artist is looking forward to getting her sound out there and latching onto the hearts of music lovers all around the world. She wants people to give a listen to her style of music as it is extremely unique and creative for an artist of this era. The frequent releases would enable more people to explore her and, eventually, admire her for the kind of artist she is. Heavily dominated by melodious tunes and rich harmonies, “God Is Love(And So Amazing)” is an Alternative/Gospel song. It is an Alternative, Jazzy sound that would make the listeners start patting their feet and bumping their heads. This amalgamation of groovy beats and hard-hitting rhythms has been made possible by a bunch of instruments played throughout the song including Piano, Saxophone, Drums, Jazz, and Organ. The beautiful lyricism blended with the classy instrumental makes “God Is Love(And So Amazing)” such a unique and outstanding song that the listeners can’t help but get lost in the rhythms of the tune. It is capable of turning around the vibe of any room it gets played in, elevating the moods of the listeners and making them move along to the groove.

Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Pandora, “God Is Love(And So Amazing)” serves as an inspirational song. Dianne Forte composed the song in a way that would touch people deeply and inspire them to help one another no matter what the color of their skin is. The meaningful lyrics portray a message of love and harmony amongst people despite their varying religious beliefs. Dianne Forte is looking forward to continuing her musical journey, making more songs she’s passionate about. She’s currently working on another song – hopefully in collaboration with another artist.

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Born in North Carolina, Dianne Forte is a rising songwriter and artist from Ohio. She taught herself how to play various instruments when she was young and mostly learned them by ear.

She wrote poems and songs from the 90’s through 2005. After a long hiatus, Dianne returned to songwriting in 2019 to work on her dream and turned one of her old poems into a song. Her plans are to keep writing songs of different genres and have more produced in the future.

Dianne is passionate about donating to the American Cancer Society, which is inspired by her sister, family and friends’ personal battles with cancer.



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