An Inclusive Publisher That’s Transforming The Industry

November 25 01:48 2021
How This New Small Business is Making a Statement With Art.

It’s no secret that the publishing world has had a diversity problem for a long time now. But fortunately, more and more publishers and readers are starting to realize the importance of representation and inclusion.

The world we inhabit is truly a diverse one. Publishing needs to reflect the world accurately, as it is. Luckily, publishers like itgrlempire have taken up the arduous task of making the publishing community a much more inclusive one.

Why diversity in publishing is important

The publishing industry has the power to influence and shape culture in both big and small ways. Sadly, some publishing houses behind comics and books often act as gatekeepers and decide which stories are shut out and which are amplified.

If the publishers are not inclusive, how can diverse races, genders, and voices be properly heard and represented in their publications?

Inclusive comics and publications aren’t just for the diverse. They’re for all of us. They can help promote tolerance, build bridges of cultural understanding, allow readers to develop an appreciation for other cultures, and normalize unique identities unlike our own.

Diversity is good for every business too! It’s always healthy for a company to share new ideas and oppose the status quo. When a publishing company fails to include individuals with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and ideas, they miss out on an injection of innovative ideas and talent.

According to a study in 2018 by the Center for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE), out of 11,011 books published for children in 2018, only 7% contained a Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) character. At the same time, only a lowly 4% featured a BAME protagonist.

On top of that, more than half the publications featuring a BAME character were categorized as “contemporary realism,” taking place in a modern setting.

So not only were publications limited, the ones that existed leaned more towards social and identity issues, which could further marginalize readers.

BAME readers should be given the opportunity to experience fantasy worlds created by diverse authors. They shouldn’t have to struggle to find anything that reflects their life!

The Takeaway

The world is constantly changing and is much different from what it was like just a few years ago. With so many different causes that run alongside each other, it can be hard to keep track of your goals.

But, unless we start taking care of equity, we will never make progress. The good news is more and more people are beginning to have conversations about inclusivity and diversity in publications. And although the current statistics may seem bleak, positive changes are expected to arrive soon.

The rise of inclusive publishers like itgrlempire is also a positive sign for the future. If you want to contribute to this positive change, consider supporting inclusive publishers like itgrlempire. Not only do they regularly publish inclusive comics, but they also create aesthetic and diverse journals and framed prints as well!

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