Tell Me: Grace De Gier Takes Over the Wheels of Music Industry with Her Brand-New Single

November 23 23:30 2021
Tell Me: Grace De Gier Takes Over the Wheels of Music Industry with Her Brand-New Single

November 23, 2021 – From Colombia to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to the world, Grace Salazar now better known as Grace de Gier her artistic name (last name in honor of her husband and children) a Rock and pop singer-songwriter in Spanish and English that makes us fall in love with her soft and at the same time powerful voice. Now singing in English she brings us her EP Tell me.  She is a mix of good music, a beautiful singer and a voice to enjoy, this artist is blessed with a lot of power to be a great international star. 

Below is an exclusive interview with the rock and pop singer

How did you get to where you are today?

“I am Colombian but I have been living in the Netherlands for more than a decade with my husband and 2 children. Because of the passion for music, I think I didn’t do it before because it wasn’t the right time. Now I can say that my album Magico in Spanish and my most recently released EP ‘Tell Me’, are being listened in many places around the world. It makes any artist really proud!  To know that dreams really come true, if you are really positive. This is something very important and I believe a lot in the law of attraction, and of course the support of my family who always trusted in my talent.”

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

“A musical career is not easy, because you definitely need to have a lot of emotional strength. There will be many people on the road that will try to discourage you, making you think that it is not for you, but the important thing is to continue with your illusion and your career. It is also not easy when you expect a lot from people and the support is not as expected, but it is very good to receive the support of people who do not really know you.”

Why should we listen to Grace?

“I have influences from amazing Rock bands, my music has a very Colombian accordion to a very classical Violin, also a song with a saxophone and a reggae Rock. I am very diverse and this has attracted the attention of the public in many countries across all ages and this is a wonderful thing. The production in Colombia is amazing, along with a Dutch touch, we are rehearsing with my Dutch band to give some wonderful live shows. I am also improving my knowledge with a great master in music, Ted Sablay, touring musician for The Killers, a band of which I am a big fan and I am very happy to learn with someone like him. I write my own songs from my own experiences and I am inspired by stories I have heard. I love to write and sing and now also in English for international audiences, with lots of creativity and you can see it in our videos.”

What’s next for Grace de Gier and the band

“There are many plans, but definitely the pandemic has affected us in many ways, especially the new artists.  But there are many more things coming as we are planning to do a big tour. We love music, it is our passion and on stage we show that we really love what we do. A lot of music is coming in Spanish and English but getting out of this pandemic is the most important to be healthy.”

Colombia is not a country known for Rock music but you have a very interesting proposal that tells artists that do not do something for fear of failure.

“I think we all have fear at some point, but if we don’t take a risk we will never know if it’s really worth it or not, you should know that a successful person was once a failure without giving up.”

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