Wiglo unveils dog training online that helps solve dogs’ behavioral issues one day at a time

October 27 16:41 2021
They say consistency is the best dog trainer, and Wiglo proves to take that to the next level after unveiling day-to-day training programs online that are 100% positive and science-based.

Wiglo has unveiled an impressive dog training online that helps solve dogs’ behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, reactivity, leash pulling, and scavenging.

“Local trainers are often fully booked simply because there are too many dogs in need of the training. At the same time, not everyone could afford in-person training. In many cases, in-person training is not necessary because no matter how good a trainer is, a dog’s behavior couldn’t be fixed in a few sessions. The real change happens at home, during your daily routine. That’s where Wiglo comes into the picture,” a company representative said. 

Wiglo provides dog owners with day-to-day training programs that they could follow as if a trainer would be standing beside them every single day. The programs are based on science, positive reinforcement methodology and designed to be simple, short, and clear. 

Wiglo’s offers excellent self-paced dog training programs for first-time dog parents. It is a perfect choice for new dog parents who wish to save money by not spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on in-person training. It is also an exceptional choice for those who want to save time by not reading books full of theory without any clear action plan and dog owners who want to save energy by not doing the guesswork researching various sources online.

Each training program includes a printable progress calendar that makes training a little more entertaining and holds dog owners accountable throughout the training.

Dog parents get all the same information they would get from an in-person trainer, although it’s all structured in short daily training lessons that even first-time dog parents could complete. If they get stuck or have a question, they can write on a discussion board to receive an answer from a professional trainer in 24 hours, usually in less than 15 minutes. 

Wiglo’s training programs work for dogs of all ages, whether dog owners have a purebred or a mixed rescue. All dogs are welcome to be trained. Each training program was made by Wiglo’s team of professional dog trainers who have many years of experience in the field. 

“They’ve trained hundreds of dogs in person and now joined Wiglo to help hundreds of thousands of dogs. In a digital age, and with the help of online training programs that every beginner can follow themselves – it became possible,” the representative adds. 

The training programs are based on a single-tasking methodology, making it easier to stay consistent, more easily achievable, and less stressful. Each training program is divided into short daily training sessions that unlock each day. After succeeding in today’s training and marking it as complete, dog owners will continue to the next day’s training. 

Wiglo offers an annual membership where dog owners get to access all training programs that cost around the same amount of cash, which would cost one hour of in-person training.  

Wiglo’s online training platform can be accessed on any mobile device, a tablet, laptop, or PC. Dog owners may even change devices, and the progress will be saved, so they would always know where they have left off. 

Dog owners who want to learn more about Wiglo may visit the website for more information.

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