Important Tips during Zirconium Ball Mill Operation

October 27 12:34 2021

Ball mill is the key equipment to crush the material after it is broken.This type of grinding machine is in its barrel body into a certain amount of grinding medium.

ball milling zirconia bead

It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics and other production industries, for a variety of ores and other grindable materials for dry or wet grinding. Ball mill is suitable for grinding all kinds of ore and other materials, is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries, can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. It can be divided into two types, grid type and overflow type, according to different discharging modes.

In recent years, the ball mill is widely used in cement, metallurgy, mining, building materials, refractory materials, chemical and thermal power and other industrial sectors, with the vigorous development of all walks of life, the application of the mill is more and more widely.

There are many factors that affect the working effect of the mill, among which the filling rate of the mill is one of the main parameters in the grinding circuit. In the grinding process, the mill mainly depends on the role of the medium to complete the grinding operation, the medium filling rate is reasonable or not directly affects the productivity of the ball mill. The production capacity and energy efficiency of ball mill can be improved obviously by accurate detection of ball loading rate of mill.

So, in the daily operation of ore dressing, the operator of our ore dressing equipment ball mill needs to know some methods to improve productivity and abandon those disadvantages:

At present, some manufacturers imitate the ball mill and use the method of rolling bearing. There are many unreasonable places in the installation form of hollow shaft and rolling bearing, which brings some disadvantages to the ball mill manufacturers in the future work.In order to solve this problem, we put forward the best assembly method for you to install rolling bearing on the hollow shaft of mill.

The old method of installing rolling bearings on the hollow shaft of a mill is to process the hollow shaft into the inner diameter of the bearing. The outer top sleeve of the bearing hot device, the bearing part and the inner ring of the bearing is fixed on the hollow shaft by bolts on the inlet and outlet spiral cylinder (or the inlet and outlet bushing) for compression. In the grinding process, the inlet and outlet spiral cylinder and the fixing bolt often loosen, resulting in displacement of the top sleeve and the hollow shaft. The dust will enter the bearing box in the gap between the middle and empty shaft and the top sleeve, making the grease dirty, leading to poor lubrication, and causing the damage of the bearing from time to time.

In order to overcome the above several shortcomings, we have designed a new installation method after several years of practice and exploration, and in some manufacturers have been used in a good application.

The method is that the diameter is thickened at the part where the rolling bearing is installed on the hollow shaft of the mill, and the thin oil cooled on the hollow shaft reduces the temperature of the hollow shaft to the normal range below 60.The advantages of this bearing seat are as follows:

1. Thin oil lubrication is superior to grease lubrication, so that the friction coefficient of bearings is reduced to the minimum and the power saving effect is better.

2. The temperature of the normal operation of the bearing is much lower than that of the dry oil lubricated bearing, which prolongs the service life of the bearing.

3. The lower seat of the bearing is equipped with oil level observation oil level, the operator can see the oil level at any time, can supplement the oil amount in time, prevent poor lubrication due to lack of oil, and avoid the occurrence of bearing damage accident.

4. The oil content of the oil chamber of the bearing seat can reduce the external diameter of the rolling bearing (on the premise of ensuring that the material inlet and outlet device is installed with sufficient strength and torque force). A flange is arranged on the connecting end face of the hollow shaft and the material inlet and outlet spiral cylinder, and it is connected with the material inlet and outlet spiral cylinder flange. On the end face of the hollow shaft from coarse to fine, a pressing bearing inner ring flange is arranged to prevent the bearing from running out axially.

5. The outer top cover of the bearing is removed to prevent dust from entering the bearing box, maintain good oil quality, and ensure the service life of the bearing and the safe and reliable operation.

6. As the diameter of the hollow shaft of the rolling bearing part is thickened, the radial distance between the rolling bearing and the inlet and outlet screw cylinder is increased, which plays a certain role in heat insulation and cooling. It plays a certain role in cooling and prolonging the service life of bearings.

For the daily work of ore dressing, if we know the above, we can avoid many disadvantages, so as to achieve better production effect and higher products.

In addition, the selection of grinding media also directly affects the cost. It is recommended to choose the zirconium bead of Sanxin new material, which is not only high in sphericity, but also very wear-resistant and reduces the grinding cost.

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