China Mobile Ordinary Optical Cables Central Procurement

October 27 12:18 2021

The Bid For China Mobile Ordinary Optical Cables Central Procurement (2021-2022) Of 9 Billion Yuan Won By YOFC And Other 14 Companies 

Today, China Mobile announced the results of centralized procurement of ordinary optical cable products from 2021 to 2022. The major optical cable standard is about 9 billion.

There are YOFC, Fortis, Hengtong, Zhongtian, Fiberhome, Tongding Internet, Southern Communications, Xigu, Fortis. 14 shortlisted candidates from, SD, Hongan Group, Huamai, Huaxin Fujikura and Fuchunjiang.

According to the previous tender announcement, the estimated scale of this centralized procurement of ordinary optical cables is 4.475 million skin-length kilometers, which is equivalent to 143.2 million core kilometers.

The maximum bid limit set for this project is 985,886,700 yuan (excluding tax). Judging from the quotations of various companies, it is basically around 9 billion yuan, and the discount is not large.

To Roughly estimate, the final average transaction price of this optical cable collection is more than 60 yuan/core-km, which is an increase of over 50% compared to last year’s 40 yuan/core-km, returning to the level of 2019.

The optical fiber cable industry has ushered in a rare situation of rising volume and price.

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