CMOSOMEL – Secret to Hair Growth uses the finest natural ingredients to make a healthy and beautiful hair

October 27 14:33 2021
CMOSOMEL - Secret to Hair Growth uses the finest natural ingredients to make a healthy and beautiful hair

October 27, 2021 – CMOSOMEL Secret to Hair Growth, a company that is well known for their excellence in producing hair growth products using the finest natural ingredients all around the world to make people experience longer, healthier, stronger and beautiful hair. This luxury brand is made from the most exquisite oils and plants to help repair and revitalize all degrees of damaged hair.

CMOSOMEL is a luxury hair growth system designed for those who are committed to the process of growing their hair longer, stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Each product can stand alone to produce results, however, the system works best when use together.

All CMOSOMEL products are suitable for all hair types and can be used by everyone including women, men and children. Visible results of hair growth and thickness can be noticed from 8 days of consistent use. Extreme Grow Cream holds moisture in your hair, helps stop excessive shedding and breaking, allowing you to keep and maintain more of your hair. For greater and faster results, clients are encouraged to consider purchasing the entire CMOSOMEL – Secret to Hair Growth System.

The Rapid Grow Wonder Drops was designed to combat hair loss and restart the hair growth process with daily use. The Drops allow a stronger concentration in specific areas such as edge hair loss, beards, the back of the head or any place hair may be thinning or balding.

All my life, I had hair that wouldn’t grow. It wouldn’t grow past my neck. No matter what I did, I took vitamins, I purchased every hair growing oil, shampoo, conditioner and even prescription. It would not grow past my neck. And, to top that off the back middle section of my hair wouldn’t even grow to my neck.I had to deal with this all my life, until I decided in 2008 to study nature in order to find a way to grow my hair. I researched plants, water, herbs and minerals from all around the world. I became an all-natural chemist or as my children would say a medicine woman, Lol. I began to put various oils together and used myself and my children as the “guinea pigs” says Rhonda Lewis of CMOSOMEL.

It took me several years to develop a formula that actually worked. I use all natural ingredients absolutely NO chemicals or unnatural ingredients, therefore I wasn’t concerned about any adverse reactions. Finally one of my concoctions (Fast Grow Oil) made my hair grow thicker and longer than it ever did. It took me 9 months to go from a shaved head to PAST MY NECK!!!!

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