Skult: The Last Skin Brush One Would Ever Need

October 27 14:15 2021

Skult’s innovative brush set assures soft-touch pressure-adaptive face and body brushes that exfoliate, cleanse, and massage in one step. The skin is deeply yet gently cleansed — without hurting the protective barrier of the skin. 

Would you brush your teeth with your finger? Skult believes that skin cleansing has been overlooked for years. Dermatologically tested for all skin types, Skult brings the first skin brush set that has been clinically proven to improve the performance of your current routine. 

The Skult Universal Brush Set comprises two brushes – Universal Face Brush (UFB) and Universal Body Brush (UBB). The ambition here is to modernize ancient skin brushing tradition to fit our active lifestyle!

What keeps the Skult skin brush ahead of the curve is its next-gen Siliflex™ Triple Bristle Technology. The innovative pressure-adaptive skin brushes have been engineered with a combination of 3 kinds of unique silicone bristles that assure in-depth cleansing while being kind to the skin. More pressure would only activate more bristles which will aid in deeper exfoliation to protect and stimulate our skin’s natural barrier.

“A major factor that separates our Universal Skin Brush Set from traditional alternatives is that ours has been uniquely designed to be a ‘pressure-adaptive’ brush made from Antibacterial Silicone. Meanwhile other plastic-based skin cleansing tools breed and spread bacteria that you washed off your body the last time and are often too aggressive for our skin’s natural barrier. Skult was designed to address this essential pain point effectively.” Stated Dr. Tajaoui, dermatologist.

Top features and benefits of Skult Universal Brush Set:

●  3-in-1 to cleanse, exfoliate and energise skin daily in one step

●  Assures spa-like massage at home to relax tension and boost lymphatic drainage

●  Clinically-proven and dermatologically tested for all skin types, including sensitive skin

●  Made of 100% Antibacterial, BPA-free product, Medical-Grade silicone

●  Eco-conscious from conception to production: Single-use plastic free & Ultra-durable Brush set

●  Ergonomic anti-slip design to fit all hand sizes and bathrooms

●  Ultra-durable product that doesn’t need replacement!

●  Lightweight and easy to transport at the gym or on holidays!

●  Comes with a Support box for protection on-the-go

●  Available in three (gender-neutral) colors to Mix & Match as you please! 

●  Plastic-free and recycled packaging

●  Core team of creatives and experts collaborating from London, Paris, New York and Rome!

“Among our early batch of users from the testing phase, 91% had said they would not go back to their previous skin brushing routine after using Skult. Our brushes act like an extension of your hand to seamlessly apply pressure, making skin cleansing 7x more efficient than cleansing with your hand. Meaning your cleansing is now both more efficient and enjoyable without adding extra time! Skult universal brush set is ‘the’ brush set that we all have been looking for all these years. As of now, we are looking forward to commencing mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our innovative Skult Universal Brush Set to life and make skin-care more fun, sustainable and effective than ever.” – Ines, founder.

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Skult units + digital User-Guide created by our skin experts. To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign here:

Skult Partners

The Universal Brush set is a product of two years of cross-collaboration between: 

  • Nanotechnology and Smart Material R&D 
  • Morrama award-winning sustainable product design agency (designer of HUNU Cup, etc.)
  • Lustre NYC-based branding agency 
  • Paris-based Dermatologist Dr. Tajaoui + Eurofins Clinical and User Testing. 

Skult Team

  • Former Netflix The Circle France contestant (random fun-fact), our founder is in fact a facialist by training and passionate of sustainability in design. Speaking on, Ines stressed that Skult brushes combine powerful deep-cleansing capabilities with a relaxing yet effortless spa-like massage feel to elevate the skincare routine, daily!
  • Chaïmaa is a lawyer by training and a passionate skincare guru. After a serendipitous meeting with Inès, Chaïmaa joined Skult out of conviction that skincare should be sustainable, transparent and accessible to all. 

“Our product is informed by nature and backed by science. The idea comes from my upbringing and cultural background; a combination of Moroccan bathing tradition with the French effortless skincare routine.” –
Ines, founder.

SKULT @Thisisskult

Founder & Media Contact: Ines Tazi | [email protected] 

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