Top Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dan Marold of Chill6™

October 27 11:29 2021

FOUR days before Christmas, 2007, 24-year old Dan Marold suffered his first panic attack. The catalyst was a tile floor layout, and he was left breathless, disoriented, and frightened. This sudden and unannounced panic attack turned into the catalyst for a spiral of depression and anxiety. Desperate to find a solution, Dan turned to a psychiatrist for answers and a way out of his own personal hell. While the medication prescribed did amazing things for his anxiety, he soon found himself dependent on it.

Once unable to rest due to restlessness and unexplained anxiety, Dan was soon unable to stay awake. Struggling through classes and napping at every opportunity, he felt ashamed and out of control of his dependence on prescription medication. The only thing keeping his panic attacks at bay had now become his biggest nightmare, and ten years later he started looking for a way out.

Drawing on his experience in the fitness industry, Dan looked for natural solutions to help balance his mental and physical health in order to combat his dependency on prescription medication. His research and dedication paved the way for an innovative answer that used the body’s internal chemistry to provide a clear, calm headspace.

Dan Marold, the founder of Chill6™, says that what drove him to create his multi-million dollar ground-breaking solution was the hope that other people wouldn’t have to suffer unheard.“This has given me the gift of freedom, and an even greater gift would be to see it help others too. I would absolutely love people to feel the freedom that I was so fortunate to find.”

Chill6™ is a revolutionary anti-anxiety formula created through Dan’s enthusiasm for mental health and over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. This product is designed to nurture and calm users through natural remedies.

Dan took his bad experiences and spun them into gold. Using the knowledge from his science degree and passion for helping people suffering from the same issues he once did, he created a solution that would support thousands worldwide. This revolutionary sole-proprietorship aims to help those struggling with anxiety and dependence steer the course of recovery with confidence.

“I honestly love hearing from people who tell me how much Chill6™ has helped them. Sharing your story with a stranger takes courage, and for me, hearing it makes this all worthwhile.”

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