Birrieria La Plaza making Portland fall in love with Birria

October 26 08:30 2021
Birrieria La Plaza has come up as one of the best places to have the rich aromatic, flavorful Mexican culinary treasure, Birria Tacos.

Portland, Oregon – October 25, 2021 – Talk about the latest buzz in the Portland food scene and it’s “Birria” which is sure to take up the whole of the spotlight these days. The Oregon city has always had a soft corner for Mexican cuisine but the lip-smacking and rich aromatic Birria has enamored the city like no other. And the eatery that’s pulling in the longest lines for Birria in Portland is Birrieria La Plaza

Currently owned by the Hernandez Family, Birrieria La Plaza is one of the most sought-after names when it comes to authentic Mexican food in the town. The bright red food truck is a family owned and operated business, famous for serving the family’s secret Birria recipe that has been handed down for generations. Birrieria La Plaza was the first to sell the Tijuana style Birria Tacos in Portland in 2019 and is still regarded by many as the best to be doing it.  

From a humble ranch dish to an honorable member on the event menu and much-loved street food, Birria has come a long way. 

In an exclusive interview, with the owner Oracio Hernandez, he shared that Birria came from Jalisco (where the family is from). Initially, it was a  modest dish which was made from leftover beef or goat meat after the best cuts were taken out. The leftover parts were simmered in a pot, and to make things a little more palatable, people back then used to season it with Chiles (peppers), tomatoes and other common seasonings. The idea was to cook the meat in slow flame so that the meat could get tender and juicy and, surprisingly, it turned out to be amazingly delectable. People started liking the delicious taste and the rich aroma of the consommé and soon grew to become a traditional dish for special events such as weddings, quinceaneras, and family gatherings. Fast forward to now, it is a top favorite street food, being served up as tacos and “quesatacos”(quesabirria) by Birrieria La Plaza. 

This delicious Birria recipe that produces outstanding Birria Tacos and Quesabirrias was brought to Portland through the hands of Doña Sofia, the mother of Oracio Hernandez. A culinary maverick since a young age, Doña Sofia had this unique gift of cooking with all her senses. There were no written recipes back then to follow and all the recipes were handed down orally from generation to generation.  

Doña Sofia came to the United States with her husband in the 1980s. Every one comes to America with some American dream for themselves. An ambitious woman, Doña Sofia had this American dream to build something for her family that will be cherished as a treasured legacy by the future generations in the years to come.  Since cooking was her forte, she knew if she was to leave a rich legacy behind, it should be something related to her passion – cooking delicious traditional food.  

After arriving in the US, Doña Sofia started out  by making some meals here and there. Her sumptuous flavorful Mexican delicacies soon earned her a great reputation for her “Buen Sazon” or a Good Seasoning Hand from people all around.  Soon, Doña Sofia found herself in the professional food industry. Her bright spirit and immense knack for making food taste delicious soon made her a favorite among her colleagues. Her traditional recipes even earned her an award from her job at a local organic market and till this date they feature Doña Sofia’s recipe. 

Since the early 90’s, Doña Sofia became a go-to person to provide meals for special occasions and family events. People would often request her tamales or pozole but something that always stood out was that delicious Birria.  

“The Birria that my mom used to make was so delicious and fragrant that your stomach would start to growl even before you could see the Birria. All thanks to mom, our family had this amazingly brilliant Birria recipe that’s hard  to find anywhere else. We wanted to share the Birria with our fellow Portland foodies and thus Birrieria La Plaza was born”, Mr. Hernandez explained while talking about their exotic Birria and the ethos behind the launch of their food truck.  

The mouth-watering Birria served by Birrieria La Plaza stands out as a rich grounded masterpiece, layered with a magnificent lingering aroma and lip-smacking taste that fill both the stomach and the soul. The exotic steamy consomme can be paired with cheese and crisp vampiros or a plate of tacos topped with onions and cilantro. The popular food truck is known for serving up quality food and using only fresh ingredients. 

“We have been cooking Birria for friends and family members for more than 20+ years and now we want all of Portland to try what I think is the best Mexican food, and thankfully many Portlander’s believe that the best Birria in the city is at our food truck. We cook using only fresh ingredients with love and care to churn out the best flavors of this authentic dish. It’s always a different kind of experience to dunk those crispy tacos or in our flavorsome, hot and tasty Birria. We don’t use typical meats for our Mexican dishes like carnitas, pastor, or asada. Birria is the brightest star in the Rose City today and we know how to do it the best way we can for you.” 

“We are grateful with the outstanding response we have received with our Birria and quesatacos (quesobirrias). We wanted our family, friends, and guests in Portland to experience our family’s recipe and we are amazed to see the way our efforts have been appreciated by all of Oregon foodies. It feels great to know that our traditional flavors have been received in such a great way by everyone in the Portland Metro Area.” 

Birrieria La Plaza is available for both takeaway and online ordering.

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