Personality Path Introduces a Comprehensive Enneagram Personality Test

September 30 00:57 2021
Personality Path is a Germany-based startup that created an all-encompassing Enneagram test, allowing visitors to their website to explore their personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

The Enneagram personality system has grown rapidly in popularity, as it goes well beyond most other typologies. It integrates insights from modern psychology and the world’s wisdom traditions into an easy-to-grasp model that helps you understand yourself and others better.

Enneagram tests have become the most searched for personality test with millions of tests taken globally each year. As Greg Schneider, the founder of Personality Path had said, Personality Path’s Enneagram test is remarkably versatile, allowing everyone to find their unique personality type within just 12 minutes while being free and very accurate compared to most other tests.

According to the brand, the Enneagram personality system comprises nine Enneagram Types, including the Improver, the Helper, the Performer, the Individualist, the Investigator, the Loyalist, the Enthusiast, the Challenger, and the Peacemaker.

Each of the nine Enneagram types has its own unique worldview and motivation. One of them shapes one’s personality the most. That is your personality type.”

The Enneagram type 1, the Improvers, tend to lead through integrity and reason, although they are often challenged by perfectionism. Their main strengths are diligence, efficiency, and helping others become better people. Their idealistic perceptions are usually fuelling their inner critic, whose voice can make them judgemental at times.

The Enneagram Type 2, the Helpers, are selfless and generous, although their people-pleasing tendencies, and even clinginess to some degree, make them schoolbook examples of overthinkers.

“Their sense of self-worth is therefore based on how other people respond to their generosity and self-sacrifice.”

The Performers, or the Enneagram Type 3s, can be inspiring examples of excellence and authenticity, but they tend to blindly pursue success and status. The biggest strength of 3s is their pragmatic, productive approach to challenges, their ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances, and a pronounced desire to motivate and lead others.

The Enneagram Type 4, the Individualists, are introspective, and they can “open people’s eyes to the beauty of the world, and shine with authenticity, but also be held back by moodiness and self-absorption.”

The Investigators or the Enneagram Fives can channel their visionary intellect and inventiveness towards accomplishing great goals, but they tend to be somewhat fearful of the things they do not fully comprehend.

“Fives believe that they can only fully join the world once they have figured out how to do things from the safety of their minds. They feel they only have limited resources to spend on social interactions and other people’s needs.” 

Loyalists, the Enneagram Sixes, are dependable, faithful, and fully committed to their friends, family, loved ones, and work. Loyalists can exemplify courage and commitment but also struggle with anxiety and rebelliousness.  

The Enneagram Type Sevens are Enthusiasts. They exude positive vibes and uplift the mood of those around them, they are good at seeing the big picture of things and tend to rarely take themselves too seriously. They also seem to be unrealistic at times, trying to avoid conflict and solving problems as much as they can.

“Sevens believe that feelings of frustration, fear, and pain will quickly overwhelm you if you don’t stay on top of them. They, therefore, try to occupy their mind with interesting distractions at all times.”

The Challengers, The Enneagram Eights, ”can be powerful, selfless leaders, but also control and intimidate others.” They care about truth and justice, they are eager to protect the weak, and are confident in their decision-making skills. However, they also tend to have rigid views of the world, believing that it’s a place where only the strong survive.

“Deeply afraid of being powerless and weak, of being manipulated and taken advantage of, Eights build up a tough exterior that promises them to make them invulnerable against any threat.”

The Peacemakers, Enneagram Nines, ”can bring people together and heal conflicts or be held back by passivity and stubbornness.” They are typically inclusive and non-judgemental, kind and considerate, easy to be around, and they find soft solutions that don’t hurt people. However, Nines put themselves last, believing that their needs and opinions matter less than those of others.

More information on the Enneagram, an in-depth description of each of the nine Enneagram types and an Enneagram test to find your personality type can be found on the Personality Path page.

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