Celebrity Tattoo Artist Luis Gil Stands Out With Four More Awards Under His Belt In Philadelphia

September 29 03:21 2021

Celebrity tattoo artist Luis Gil just added four more awards under his belt in the recent competition called Philadelphia tattoo artist convention 2021” where he was awarded 2nd place as “Best geometric black work”, Small black and grey 2nd place, and 4th place as Tattoo of the day black and grey”.

With already seven more international tattoo industry awards achievements, Miami-based Venezuelan-born tattoo artist, Luis Gil, is still as humble as he was when he first took up the craft just years ago.

He’s often celebrated for his stronghold and dominion in the realm of powerfully-crafted, eye-grabbing cover-up tattoos and his work has drawn quick attention from sports and entertainment world A-listers — many of the stars now proudly donning Gil’s artful custom designs.  

His prowess as a tattooist was first discovered by the masses when baseball star Gerardo Parra, of the World Series-winning Washington Nationals, enlisted Gil to tattoo him. Gil, who at the time was unaware of Parra’s celebrity, was pleasantly surprised when he later saw the custom “Baby Shark” arm piece he expertly designed for Parra, making the rounds on several on-air newscasts on renowned sports network ESPN. Shortly after, Gil’s work was quick to go viral. 

“I didn’t know Parra so at first, I had no idea what was going,” said Gil. “I looked it up online and when I found out, it was such a happy surprise. After that, it was like a snowball that just kept rolling and growing. It’s been pretty amazing and as an artist, very validating and rewarding.”

Since then, the phone at Gil’s Doral tattoo studio “MejorArte” — a Spanish-language play on words, meaning “Better Art” or “Better Yourself” — has not stopped ringing. There, Gil’s made use of his expert tattoo skills on Venezuelan T.V. hosts Karen Martello and Kerly Ruiz, actress Laura Chimaras, music producer Maffio, singer Akapellahh, rapper NK Profeta, as well as countless sports stars including Salvador Perez and Omar Narváez. 

Even so, for Gil, whose humble beginnings date back to his early days as a young student at the “Universidad Central” in Caracas — where he began learning his craft by tattooing friends for free — the power to transform and improve lives through his art is not reserved for the rich and famous. 

Despite having won a string of highly acclaimed tattoo-industry awards, including a 2nd place award in the Best Portrait category at the Puerto Rico Tattoo Convention and a 2nd place award in the categories of Best Large Black and Gray Tattoo and Tattoo of the Day at the Puerto Rico Inksane Tattoo Expo, both in 2019, Gil, who also earned the prestigious “Tattooist of the Year” award at Tacarigua de Oro International awards, two years in a row, in 2019-2020, said his tattoo art is for every person “with a story to tell, who’s wanting to emblazon it on their skin forever, masterfully and in ink.” 

His overwhelmingly distinguished cover-up work has helped boost the quality of life for hundreds of people who is a prior to stepping into Gil’s studio were burdened with the shame of having poorly done, unattractive, and sometimes even embarrassing and inappropriate tattoos etched on their bodies. 

“It’s amazing to see the complete transformation on a person’s face, demeanor, and overall vibe, from the moment they step in the shop with a tattoo they’re not particularly proud of,” said Gil. “To when they leave the shop with a huge smile on their faces, excited and wanting to show off their cover-up because they’re just so happy, being able to help create that change and that emotion, is everything.”

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About Luis Gil 

Venezuelan-born Luis Gil, 25, is a Miami-based award-winning tattoo artist with more than seven international tattoo industry awards under his belt. He began his tattoo journey in his homeland years ago, when he was studying economics at the “Universidad Central” in Caracas. It was there he began learning his craft by tattooing friends for free. Since then, Gil’s earned countless industry accolades and accrued a long list of sports and entertainment world A-listers in his client roster, many of the stars repeat customers at Gil’s Doral tattoo studio “MejorArte” — a Spanish-language play on words, meaning “Better Art” or “Better Yourself.” His specialty? Jaw-dropping photo-like portraits, life-changing cover-ups, and other pieces that allow him to display his masterful realism and surrealism tattooing techniques.

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