Discusses How to Choose the Right Designer Glasses for Any Occasion

September 28 22:21 2021 Discusses How to Choose the Right Designer Glasses for Any Occasion

More than 160 million people in America rely on eyeglasses to correct their vision issues according to the latest reports from the Vision Council. Of course, many others use eyeglasses as a fashion statement and to complement various outfits. They may not need corrective lenses, but they enjoy the added flair certain types of frames can bring to the table.

Whether looking for the right eyeglasses for vision correction and everyday wear or a perfect accessory for a new outfit, it’s important to understand the different types of frames on the market. Several types are out there, each one with its own set of benefits. One can find more hints on these options, but the following details can give a bit more insight into the world of glasses. 

Rimless Eyeglasses

As the name indicates, rimless glasses don’t have rims as other options do. They have temples that run along the sides of the face and fit around the ears. Those temples attach to the lenses and other components as well, but the frames don’t extend around the lenses themselves.

These types of eyeglasses aren’t quite as noticeable as others, which is what many people are looking for. They also go well with virtually any type of outfit whether it’s casual, formal, or somewhere in between, according to

Wire-Framed Eyeglasses

Wire-framed glasses could be considered the next step up from rimless varieties. Their frames aren’t quite as noticeable as some other styles, but they’re more noticeable than rimless eyeglasses. Several colors and shapes are available from companies like These are classic options that, like rimless glasses, meld well with a variety of styles and personalities.

Semi-Rimless Frames

When looking for a middle ground of sorts, semi-rimless frames are a nice alternative. These glasses have rims along the upper portions of their lenses, but the lower portions of the lenses aren’t encased. Semi-rimless frames can be made of several materials, including plastic, stainless steel, cellulose acetate, and titanium, to name a few. 

Full-Rimmed Glasses

Full-rimmed glasses tend to be the boldest options on the market. They come in numerous styles, colors, and shapes. One is sure to find a style that fits their personality and preferences if These glasses make a noticeable statement. Having said that, some colors and patterns just don’t fit in with all types of outfits and color schemes. When choosing full-rimmed eyeglasses, consider going with a solid, standard color or having more than one pair on hand to accessorize different looks and work for different occasions. 

Exploring the Possibilities

Need New Specs? These Are The Best Places To Buy Eyeglasses Online. When browsing all the possible places to purchase new eyeglasses, keep these types of frames in mind. 

It’s also important to point out that different types of frames work best with certain facial shapes. Bold frames are generally best for round faces whereas round, cat-eye, semi-rimless, and oval frames are often nice for square faces. Oval, round, and cat-eye frames can also complement diamond-shaped faces. Oval faces work well with most styles of frames. Use all the tips mentioned here to help find the best types of eyeglasses.

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