Nut Harvesters Get the Right Equipment from California Industrial Rubber

September 14 03:06 2021
Nut Harvesters Get the Right Equipment from California Industrial Rubber

Nut farmers across California have undoubtedly noticed an uptick in demand for their products over the years. In fact, tree nut sales have surged by almost five percent per year for more than 15 years now. Analysts expect this trend to continue or perhaps increase even further during the years to come. Because of that, keeping up with the growing demand has become increasingly challenging for farmers in this sector.

Meeting a Growing Demand

Numerous variables factor into the productivity of tree nut crops from one year to the next. Of course, the capacity of your farm and crew is one of the most significant. It directly affects your seasonal outcomes as well as your bottom line. California Industrial Rubber Co. is here to help make sure you get the most out of your harvest. They’ve been producing and distributing rubber and plastic components for more than 60 years now, and they know what it takes to meet the needs of local nut farmers. 

Timing Is Everything

Knowing exactly when to harvest your tree nuts is a challenge in its own right. If you pick the nuts too early, they won’t be ripe and ready for the consumer. Doing so could also greatly decrease your yields come next season. On the other hand, waiting too long to harvest them could be equally detrimental. They could ultimately fall off the tree and begin to decay due to the moisture on the ground. That would detract from the quality of your product and hamper your production.

Getting Your Harvest Underway

Once your tree nuts are ready for harvest, getting them from the tree to their next destination is a key part of the process. For many local farmers, that means having a dependable and fully functional tree shaker. Like all your crucial equipment, your tree shaker needs to be kept in optimal condition. With help from, that’s not only possible but simpler than you might think.

Proceeding to the Next Step

Once the nuts are off the tree, they’ll need to be cleaned and separated from their outer coverings. You may have on-site equipment to handle this leg of the process, or you may need to transport the nuts to a separate facility to be cleaned. Either way, your conveyance and cleaning equipment is vital to this portion of the production process. As such, it should also be kept in top-notch shape with components from sources like

Above and Beyond

From that point, your tree nuts could branch out in countless directions. You may send them straight to supermarkets, or they might go to production facilities for further processing. If you process them at your own facility, they’ll first need to be shelled so you can use the highly versatile seed within. Once that wonderful material is free of its confines, it can be used to make milk, nut butter, baked goods, and any number of other products.

Maintaining Your Equipment to Keep Up with the Demand

Tree nuts are in high demand because of their health benefits, versatility, flavor, and other qualities. If you’re part of the nut farming industry, meeting the ever-growing demand for your products isn’t always easy. Whether you process your own products or distribute tree nuts to other companies, keeping your harvesting equipment up and running is the key to success.

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