Safeparty by Daxlena – Delivering Deck, Lawn and Patio Protection to Backyard Party and BBQ Lovers

September 10 21:06 2021
Save Your Deck. Save Your Lawn. Save Your Mess.

Daxlena’s Safeparty Fire Pit Mat was created by accident with an unfortunate incident. The incident happened with a poor quality fireproof mat that not only caused a first degree burns, but also lots of damage to a newly installed porch. The experience, although unfortunate, it wasn’t in vain and Daxlena decided to change things for people in the future and prevent others from having similar experiences. Daxlena worked with multiple materials and product suppliers over the course of a year and developed the blend of materials that are now part of the Safeparty Fire Pit/Grill Mat. The high-quality materials have been tested to provide optimum heat resistance and protection for your deck, patio, or lawn, and also to help protect against heat penetrating surfaces that could lead to injury, or burns.

Safeparty Fire Pit/Grill Mat is an essential item for hosting those unforgettable backyard barbeques all year long. This mat is perfect for any season for camping in the spring, grilling in the summer, smoking in the fall, and fire pits in the winter. It will protect a wide range of surfaces whether it be grass, concrete, wood, or more! Place the mat under any fire pit, grill or smoker for the ultimate protection!

Safeparty Fire Pit/Grill Mat offers 3 layers of insulated protection lined with high tension, high stitch per inch lock-stitched seams to make sure you are fully covered. Whip out the mat during any occasion so you can protect your floors or lawn year-round. Not only does it protect, but also makes cleaning easy! While grass and mud slide right off, soot, coal, and grease are simply wiped away with warm soapy water.

Daxlena is a family-owned business and their perseverance in creating a product that they themselves would use on a daily basis is important to them. Safeparty Fire Pit/Grill Mat is one of the products they stand behind and know that it will save your family and friends from suffering similar accidents like the one that prompted the creation of the mat.

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