CasaMarket is democratizing Real Estate Investing

September 10 21:00 2021
CasaMarket empowers homeowners and landlord-investors to sell, buy, build, or rent real estate through institutional quality and unique services at best-in-class pricing.

Ollie Ventures has announced the launch of CasaMarket, the only marketplace helping homeowners get the fastest and fairest offers for their homes and guaranteed rental income for landlords.

CasaMarket is the leading U.S. marketplace empowering homeowners and landlord-investors to sell fast off-market in any condition at the best price, let them rehab homes to improve value before selling or renting, or get landlords guaranteed rental income.

The company is the only PropTech marketplace providing homeowners and landlords access to institutional tools that are democratizing real estate investing. The CasaMarket team is leveraging their experience building and scaling acquisitions, construction, and property management platforms, which previously built and managed hundreds of single-family and multi-family renovations and tenants in Philadelphia and Miami.

CasaMarket is a fully distributed team throughout LATAM, Philadelphia, and Miami, competitive with the top talent at any San Francisco or Miami startup. The Ollie Ventures team is now focused on providing institutional value to retail homeowners and investors.

CasaMarket’s goal is to provide every investor the tools needed to capture the most equity from their existing or new investment in real estate. Experts agree that real estate is one of the best inflation hedges today and that the market is poised for year-over-year increases as the post-COVID-19.

The firm is focused on providing these institutional tools, knowledge, and experience to democratize real estate ownership and investing.

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