TCO releases the 9th generation certification standard

August 04 18:54 2021
Recently, TCO announced the 9th-generation certification standards and implementation timetable on its official website


General information

Recently, TCO announced the 9th-generation certification standards and implementation timetable on its official website. The 9th-generation TCO certification will be officially launched on December 1, 2021. Brand owners can apply for certification from June 15th until the end of November. Those who receive the 8th-generation certificate by the end of November will receive 9th-generation certification notice, and acquire the 9th-generation certificate after December 1. TCO have ensured the products certified before November 17 will be the first batch of 9th-generation certified products.


Difference analysis – Batteries

Battery-related differences between Generation 9 certification and Generation 8 certification are as follows:

  1. Electrical safety – Updated standard – EN/IEC 62368-1 replaces EN/IEC 60950 and EN/IEC 60065Chapter 4 revision
  2. Product lifetime extensionchapter 6 revision

Add: The best battery life for office users should be printed on the certificate;

Increase the minimum requirement of the rated capacity after 300 cycles from 60% to more than 80%;

Add new test items of IEC61960:

  • The internal AC/DC resistance must be tested before and after 300 cycles;
  • Excel should report the data of 300 cycles;
  • Add a new battery time evaluation method on the basis of year.

    3. Battery replaceabilitychapter 6 revision


  • Products classified as earbuds and earphones are exempted from the requirements of this chapter;
  • Batteries replaced by users without tools belong to CLASS A;
  • Batteries that cannot be replaced by users without tools belong to CLASS B;

    4. Battery information and protection (Chapter 6 addition)

The brand must provide battery protection software, which can reduce the maximum charge level of the battery to at least 80%. It must be pre-installed on the product. (Chrome OS products are not included)

The software provided by the brand must be able to determine and monitor the following content, and display these data to users:

  • Health status SOH;
  • State of charge SOC;
  • The number of full charge cycles that the battery has experienced.

    5. Standardized external power supply compatibility (Chapter 6 addition)

Applicable scope: notebooks, smart phones and earphones with an external power supply of up to 100W.

The product must carry a USB Type C standardized socket (port) for USB Power Delivery that complies with the standard EN/IEC63002: 2017 or later-the identification and communication interoperability method of external power sources used by portable computing devices.


The product must have a built-in wireless charging function that complies with Qi wireless power transmission system, Power Class 0 specification version 1.2.4 or future revisions.

Increase SPI:

  • Standardized external power supply type (Class A-B) distributed with the product;
  • The life of the charger is extended (Class A-C).

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