The Design Of The Custom Glass Showcase Should Be Harmonious

August 04 18:28 2021

There are all kinds of display cases, in shopping mall cosmetics showcases can be seen, food display cases, hats and shoes display fixtures, jewelry display cases. Other place also corresponding see different glass display case or other material vitrines. The purpose of custom display cabinets is to fully display all kinds of products, commodities or exhibits that we want to present. So in the custom glass display cabinets and counters, our design needs to be harmonious, absolutely not messy. In this article, Oyeshowcases will tell  the main glass showcase design ideas.

Design principles of showcase:

1. Be simple, not complicated

In the fleeting moment, the information people can accept is limited, if it is too complex, the audience will rush by without seeing the goods clearly

2. Be harmonious, not disorganized

The design of the display case must be based on the style of the product, in order to design a display case consistent with the theme, so as to better highlight the goods.

3. Be clear about your topic and your message

A clear theme is, on the one hand, the focal point; and on the other hand, the use of appropriate colors, diagrams, and layouts in a coordinated manner to create a unified impression.

4. Focus

Because it is usually on display that special products, new products, most important products or products that are valued are displayed. Highlight key exhibits through location, arrangement, lighting, and other means.

5. It should be eyecatched

Being different attracts more visitors and makes it easier to identify and find the products they like.

We have customized a variety of high-end display cases, in daily use we still need to know how to maintain them. The maintenance skills of display cases are absolutely helpful to our display cases and counters.

So, the maintenance skills of the showcase are mainly:

1. Prevent exposure to sunlight and moisture:

Do not put the display case in direct sunlight, otherwise, it will lead to wood cracking deformation, but also do not put the display case in a very wet place, so as to avoid wood wet expansion, the drawer can not be pulled open phenomenon. How to maintain the display case is good, with heart.

2. Handle with care:

Do not pull and drag the showcases by force; Showcases Should be placed flat and steady, the ground is uneven, should be a solid leg pad. For the maintenance of the glass showcase, because of the fragile reason, it is not easy to move, so the glass showcase is installed in a fixed place, and the items placed on it must be handled with care.

3, brush varnish:

Every few years, a layer of varnish is applied to ensure that the color of the display cases is fresh, durable, and bright as new. The paint is the protective umbrella of the display cases. It wraps the display cases and separates the wood from the air. If the wood is exposed to the air, when the air is dry, the water in the wood slowly evaporates, which will make the wood loose where it meets.

4, scrub Frequently:

Scrub the showcase is best to use towels, cotton towels, cotton fabrics or flannelette and other good absorbent cloth to wipe. Coarse cloth, wired cloth or sewing, buttons will lead to scratches on the surface of the display case, the new display case will have part of the glue around, often scrub will slowly disappear, will slowly become bright, so do not worry too much, the scrub is how to maintain the most important point of the display case.

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