Laser Hair Removal Performed with The Cynosure Laser By Santa Barbara Med Spa SB Aesthetics For It’s Local Patients

July 22 09:30 2021
Laser Hair Removal Performed with The Cynosure Laser By Santa Barbara Med Spa SB Aesthetics For It’s Local Patients

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is one of the top medical spas in Santa Barbara offering a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and aesthetic med spa services to its patients.
SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is now offering the popular Cynosure Elite IQ™ Laser Hair Removal for Santa Barbara patients. Patients can book the appointment at the med spa since it follows CDC guidelines including social distancing and protocols for entry into the facility.

Santa Barbara, CA – SB Aesthetics provides a modern laser hair removal Santa Barbara service with the Palomar Icon for those patients who want to get smooth skin and get rid of the hassle of shaving or waxing. Its use reduces the number of machines as it has multitasking abilities. In this, the Fractional Laser or the Fraxel’s Intensity is combined with Intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology. This Cynosure Laser has a built-in Skintel Melanin Reader that detects the patient’s melanin density to ensure proper laser level is used.

According to Dr. Sheffield at SB Aesthetics, “The Palomar Icon or Cynosure Laser is a non-invasive and permanent hair removal method. The hair growth cells are targeted in this treatment. It is great for facial as well as body hair. The treatment takes 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete according to the body part from where the patients want hair removal. Patients will be administered anesthesia before the start of the treatment. We apply the gel to the particular body part and provide eye shields for complete protection. You may feel a little sunburn sort of sensation, but the cooling gel will soothe the area.”

This is a minimally invasive procedure so patients get normal after some rest. The Cynosure hair removal procedure includes a stamping method where the laser is rolled over targeted areas and not full skin. There is no overlapping done to avoid further discomfort.

In the words of Dr. Sheffield, owner of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, “We use the Cynosure Elite IQ™ at our Santa Barbara laser hair removal office, as this fractional laser is similar to the Fraxel’s intensity and combined with the Intense Pulsed Light technology. It is a handheld device that makes our laser hair removal work easier. With its other uses, we can improve scars and acne, carry out fractional skin resurfacing, vascular treatments, and much more. This machine has many capabilities that render all sorts of treatments. This machine meets the patient’s needs with utmost comfort.”

At SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, Dr. Sheffield uses this non-invasive technique because it is safe, quick, and is economically affordable. The patients with light skin or dark and coarse hairs are perfect for this treatment. Various patients may require different setting cycles, but results are typically visible within 3 to 4 sessions.

“For best results, we also use built-in Skintel Melanin Reader along with the Cynosure Laser (Palomar Icon) that detects the melanin density of the patients. It helps us to provide proper laser treatment to the appropriate layers. An advanced cooling system is used for added protection and comfort. By using this system, permanent and effective hair reduction is achieved, and patients can feel that the growth has been minimized manifold. This technique reduces hair growth permanently that keeps the everyday hassle of waxing, shaving, etc. at bay. It removes unwanted hairs from face and body,” he further added.

Dr. Sheffield states that the hair growth cells are destroyed during this treatment, and the treatment approach is quite simple. The laser hair removal service possesses TGA approval and is excellent for every skin type.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a third-generation plastic surgeon at Santa Barbara who provides non-surgical services. He completed his medical school at the University of Tennessee, surgical internship from Los Angeles, and residency training from the University of Florida. He did private practice for many years at North County, San Diego, and he is the first surgeon to carry out reconstructive surgery for the head and the neck regions.

He completed his further training in plastic surgery from Dallas, founder of the Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium, and is a life member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For an appointment with Dr. Sheffield, reach out at

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