Joseph Cavallo Starts Partners for Hope Charity Foundation

February 18 21:30 2021
Non-Profit to Help Women and Children Who Have Become Victims of Abuse.

Joseph Cavallo has long been a dedicated supporter of charitable causes, demonstrating his commitment through more than writing checks. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the acclaimed California based attorney took time to help with salvation and restoration initiatives in Mississippi. In 2010, he spearheaded the launch of “Adopt the Elderly” – an initiative focused on having volunteers provide assistance to senior citizens by keeping them company through socialization and activity. Today, Joseph Cavallo is now deepening his involvement in worthy causes with the establishment of a new foundation that will provide support for abused women and children and expand on his efforts to help the elderly and others less fortunate, Partners for Hope.

“People tend to associate the word ‘abuse’ with physical violence, but it covers various forms of maltreatment,” Joseph Cavallo notes. “Individuals can also be subjected to verbal, psychological, financial, or social abuse. Women and children represent an overwhelming majority of such victims, and their deeply traumatic experiences have far-reaching effects on both their physical and mental health. At the same time, we face the issue of an aging population, and a growing number of senior citizens find themselves at risk of social isolation and loneliness, sometimes even individuals who reside in a nursing home. Helping these vulnerable groups has been a cause especially dear to me, and this new project will hopefully make a difference in many lives.”

The charitable foundation will focus on the southern California region, aiming to support women and children who have become victims of abuse. Partners for Hope will also assist in initiatives designed to improve the life of the elderly in nursing homes providing them with opportunities to socialize and stay active.


Joseph Cavallo, a high-profile attorney in California, has been practicing law for more than two decades, currently serving clients throughout California. Renowned for his expertise in criminal defense and personal injury litigation cases, Cavallo has been involved as lead trial counsel in numerous jury trials, establishing a reputation well beyond California as a fierce fighter for justice. Despite his professional commitments, Cavallo devotes a lot of time to charitable initiatives, specifically focused on those that support abused women and children and has seen the effects firsthand through his work.

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