Claire Bahn’s Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of a Personal Brand

November 21 10:57 2020
How to build and accelerate a personal brand to boost career, attract opportunities and gain recognition.

Why are some people “known” while others are not? Why do most of the deals and recognition flow to them and not others?

The answer is that “known” people have built and curated their personal brand. Personal branding is the “dirty little secret” not taught in school.

People ask: “What is a personal brand?” or “How will a personal brand help someone become known?”

Welcome to the reputation economy, where success is measure more by a person’s brand than the size of the network someone’s connected to.

Others ask, “What kind of ROI can someone expect from a personal brand?” Expected results are: increased sales, increased deal flow, a boost to your career, speaking engagement opportunities, media opportunities in magazines, podcasts and TV, or Increased funding opportunities for your business.

Does it seem impossible to create a standout personal brand? It doesn’t have to be. Here are 7 steps to building a powerful personal brand:

  1. Define a target market: Who would be interested in particular content, experiences or point of view?

  2. Create a content strategy: What type of content will resonate with that target market; blogs, videos or podcasts?

  3. Create original content: Create original content that speaks to the target market and highlights an individual’s expertise.

  4. Decide which platforms to leverage: Where does the target audience spend their time; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination?

  5. Increase frequency: How often should content be produced? Less is more doesn’t work when it comes to a personal brand. The more content produced, the better.

  6. Be professional: To be taken seriously, an individual must present themselves in a professional manner.

  7. Promote the content: Don’t be shy when showcasing an individual brand to build authority. Send emails to friends and connections. Share content on social media and boost posts. Get noticed so that established players view and comment on the great content.

A personal brand isn’t just for celebrities, politicians or actors anymore. Engineering celebrity will future proof an individual’s career and magnetize opportunities. Building a personal brand takes effort, dedication, and often times external help. It’s the “dirty little secret” many people don’t want generally known.

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