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Regina Doctor Dr Cadili on Pregnancy After Melanoma Treatment

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Regina Doctor Dr Cadili on Pregnancy After Melanoma Treatment

January 20
17:09 2020
Dr. Cadili talks about the research he has done on Melanoma in Regina. 30% of women diagnosed with melanoma are in their reproductive prime.

January 20, 2020 – Dr. Cadili On The Melanoma’s Effect On Women in Regina:

In this article, Dr. Cadili touches on the effects melanoma has on the female reproductive system in Regina and what the options are. Dr. Cadili talks about fertility preservation, fertility treatment, and the safety of women during pregnancy after melanoma treatment in Regina. Melanoma is one of the most common cancers for young adults between the ages of 25-29. It is most common for Caucasian women compared to other ethnicities such as African American or Hispanic. Approximately 10% of melanomas are genetically inherited from one of the parents. 

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The Symptoms and Effects Melanoma has on the body

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, melanoma is a skin cancer that appears first typically on the skin as an odd bump or mole. If you have any type of new or malformed skin formation you should consult your doctor in Regina to get tested for melanoma. It can spread to your lymph nodes when it becomes more serious. Melanoma always requires surgery to be treated and in advanced cases, chemotherapy to follow. Dacarbazine-DTIC is an alkylating agent used to treat melanoma in Regina. In some advanced cases, immunotherapy may also be used. If chemotherapy is needed, the probability of pregnancy may be severely reduced due to the chemotherapy damaging and weakening the body. 

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Dr. Ali Cadili On Fertility Treatment For Post-Treatment Patients

Some researchers have found that there is not a significant increase in the risk of melanoma cells after women. Dr. Cadili has found that the relationship between estrogen exposure and melanoma is controversial and somewhat inconclusive. Women seeking fertility preservation before chemotherapy are also usually at risk due to the timing pressure to start treatment as soon as possible, which is ideal for melanoma at any stage. For those Regina women who do decide to consider fertility treatment before chemotherapy or melanoma survivors finished their chemotherapy should consult with a fertility preservation specialist about the possible risks and benefits of starting fertility treatment. 

Dr. Cadili Studies Involving Women With Melanoma 

Ten studies involving 5600 women collectively found that fertility drugs did not risk an increase of melanoma recurrence. Women who were treated for melanoma who became pregnant soon after were not significantly affected compared to women who did not get pregnant after recovering from chemotherapy. For smaller tumors (less than 1.5 mm) most experts did not deter from recommending pregnancy, whereas, with larger tumors (more than 1.5 mm) physicians like Dr. Cadili mostly recommend avoiding pregnancy for at least 2 years due to the possibility of melanoma recurrence. Overall, pregnancy is not impossible with women who are suffering or have suffered from melanoma. Dr. Ali Cadili recommends that if you are about to start chemotherapy or have finished chemotherapy you should consult with a fertility specialist in Regina to optimize your results.


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